Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Quicker to take home an Uber XChange Leasing Vehicle than to Activate on Ride Platform

An Uber driver who secured an XChange Leasing vehicle is discovering that it takes more manpower to activate this vehicle on the Uber ride platform than to lease and take home this new ride.

Uber Support is dropping the ball again! Ongoing communication between Uber and driver still hasn't resulted in activating this new XChange Leasing vehicle. How can a vehicle Uber secured for this driver taking such a long time to activate?

This experienced driver is fully capable of completing hundreds of rides per month. He has shown this when his vehicle is in good condition. Excessive driving, expensive repairs, and costly gas expenses grounded this driver. He made an important decision to apply, qualify and, then secure this Uber vehicle.

It doesn't make any sense to delay activating this Uber ride. Meanwhile, this driver is sitting at home trying to get this vehicle activated. He can't drive his previous car for reasons involving toll charges. However, Uber Support is slow as usual.

As this day is winding down, this driver is missing another day of driving. His first lease payment is drawing near. It is imperative that he gets on the road and completes many trips. He missed a lot of driving because his previous vehicle required many expenses. These vehicle issues and high cost of gas kept him from maximizing UberX ridesharing.

Finally, this Uber driver took the steps to take home an Uber leased vehicle. Uber Support is nowhere to be found, where the system is not accepting a temporary registration card. As we all know, new vehicles don't come with traditional registration forms. You have to apply for a new registration. It takes about a month to receive plates and this new registration.

Uber promotes these Xchange Leasing vehicles. They want their drivers to have access to quality rides. Unfortunately, Uber hasn't solved activating these vehicles. If you take ownership of your car on a weekend, good luck trying to drive that weekend. It won't happen!

Uber Headquarters and Uber locations in the Bay Area are closed on weekends. They are only open on weekdays, so make sure to not pick your lease and/or purchased vehicle up on weekends. Otherwise, you will have to wait a few days in the following week to get a response. If you require the funds fast and can't drive that week, you will struggle.

Plan ahead to visit Uber headquarters. It seems this is the only viable solution to activate an Uber XChange Leasing vehicle. Even with constant communication between Uber Support, it appears that no single member is skilled to activate this new Uber ride. Uber and this driver are losing money. The Uber driver can be giving rides right now, but has to wait for the vehicle to be added on his existing driver account.