Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lyft Saturating Ride Market with Driver Recruitment and Passenger Billboards

Lyft is dominating the billboard advertising game. We've seen these Lyft ads plastered on billboards across the Bay Area. On the way to Sacramento, a Lyft driver recruitment ad aims to attract new drivers. 

We admit that Lyft drivers working more than 40 hours a week are earning much more than other ride platforms. A few years ago, designated Power Hours would give drivers access to 100% of all donations. Despire price reductions, Lyft is giving their drivers access to short-term guaranteed earnings. Drivers working more than 40 hours per week are making up to $1400 a week.

The key to earning this much money is commission forgiveness. Once commission is deducted, Lyft drivers will earn much less. However, we heard that Lyft forgives all commission once drivers reach 40 hours per week. No other ridesharing company offers this incentive. 

This new driver recruitment billboard is honest. Lyft probably forgives all commission if drivers reach 40 hours per week. Most Lyft drivers working in busy cities can make up to $35 an hour and greater. It really depends on the shifts and the areas they drive within. 

At $35 and hour for 40 hours a week, a Lyft driver can earn up to $1,400 a week and more. Are these Lyft billboards speaking the truth? They are honest Lyft ads telling prospective drivers to drive with them. No drivers have to worry about fastening the large Pink mustache on the front grill. 

Lyft traded in the clumsy furry Pink mustache for new duds: a small genie-looking mustache that lights up on the middle dash. This small floating mustache is now the approved trade dress authorized under TNC rules and regulations. 

Want to make up to $1500 per week driving for Lyft? Go ahead and take that risk. Just know that Lyft won't hesitate to deactivate new and existing drivers. Never assume that these guaranteed earnings will remain in effect. Lyft almost always side with their passengers. Your personal ride will eventually fall apart. You can count on this. Poor fuel efficient cars will demand hundreds in gas cost per week. No gas, no earnings. On the road often; using personal auto insurance may not protect against all accidents. Check with insurance companies such as MetroMile and Farmer's Insurance for specific details on ridesharing coverage. Really look into all risks before taking the plunge. Driving with Lyft may be the best and/or the worst decision you ever made. 

***We have no affiliation with Lyft. We can't give you any legal advice on auto insurance coverages. It is up to you to choose to drive and/or not drive. This also applies to using Lyft as a rider. We operate as a ridesharing website to inform people. Assess all risks to prevent future issues. 

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