Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lyft Driver Refused to Give Back Lyft Rider I.D. Left in Ride unless he received $100

Many ridesharing users shared that Lyft drivers are shady, unprofessional, flirtatious, bad drivers, creepy and even bullies. A former Lyft rider revealed a Lyft experience that convinced her to stop using this on-demand ridesharing platform.

Lyft rider requested a Lyft. Her Lyft experience went well during the ride; she had no complaints. However, this female Lyft rider left her I.D. in this Lyft vehicle. She contacted this Lyft driver, requesting them to meet and/or to drop this I.D. off at her home.

According to the Lyft rider, the Lyft driver only lived about three blocks away. Unfortunately, this Lyft driver refused to drop the I.D. off at the Lyft customer's home unless she paid him $100. She couldn't believe this unethical, dishonest request. As much as this Lyft rider used Lyft, she never thought a Lyft driver would treat her so poorly.

This female Lyft rider contacted Lyft four times concerning this matter. Lyft never addressed this incident; as usual, they swept this infraction under their Pink mustache. This lost item, an I.D., is required to access the workplace. It was imperative that this Lyft rider received it back.

Neither the male Lyft driver and/or Lyft resolved this matter. Therefore, this Lyft rider stopped using Lyft and switched over to Uber. She shared that Uber and their drivers have integrity, which the same can't be said about Lyft and their drivers.

The Lyft driver should have returned this I.D. without any compensation. It is his responsibility to safeguard all rider personal items. If drivers are unable to make arrangements to return lost items, they must deliver them to the appropriate designated area. Ridesharing clients/riders/passengers set terms; they reward drivers with special thanks and/or money.

This Lyft driver took it upon himself to hold the Lyft rider's work I.D. hostage. He refused to return this I.D. unless this rider gave him $100. Lyft ignored the Lyft customer's complaint, never acknowledging how their driver acted unprofessionally to withhold a rider's personal item.

The Lyft rider honestly believes that Lyft does a poor job of conducting background checks on their drivers. This is possibly one of the reasons so many Lyft drivers deliver poor service. In honestly, criminal behavior could motivate this Lyft driver to keep this I.D. until he received $100. No good ridesharing driver should ever ask for money to return personal rider items. They return client/rider/passenger items out of the goodness of their hearts. It is the right thing to do.

In our most honest opinion, Lyft has poor customer support. They allowed this serious complaint to go unanswered, unresolved. Lyft relies on a poor star rating and feedback system to monitor driver performance. This process is responsible for terminating many good Lyft drivers, who now are working with Uber and Sidecar. Fortunately, Lyft conducts a flawed ridesharing system, because this helped their former great drivers move to better ride services. In present time, this driver is probably still active on the Lyft ridesharing platform. Who knows what he is capable of doing?

Would you accept this behavior? Apparently, Lyft does. Lyft is focusing on advertising across every billboard in the Bay Area. Serious matters, such as this Lyft driver holding a work I.D./badge ransom, are unacceptable and misrepresent the rideshare vision. We depend on riders to keep operable. We should treat all riders like we would our family members. Essentially, Lyft condones this Lyft driver's behavior. They received 4 messages on this incident. Unfortunately, Lyft decided to ignore this case.

If we knew about this situation, we would have instructed this former Lyft rider to contact the police. This Lyft driver has no right to withhold this customer's work I.D./badge. He set financial terms to return this badge, which is likely crossing the legal line. Lyft never helped this rider resolve this serious matter. This driver never got reprimanded for displaying this unethical/unprofessional behavior. He coerced this former Lyft rider into giving him $100 to return her I.D./badge.

Thankfully, this former Lyft customer stood up for her rights and moved to another ridesharing platform. She deserves the best treatment. Whenever ridesharing users lose their personal items, the right mode of operation is for ride app drivers to make valid attempts to return them safely.

All ridesharing riders should receive the best possible service. We sincerely thank them for using ridesharing services.

****If a ridesharing driver withholds personal items and the ridesharing company refuse to resolve this matter, contact the local police to report this. Drivers have no right to retain lost items. Lost I.D./badges are sensitive possessions, which have been known to conduct identity theft crimes.