Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lyft denies that ratings motivate deactivations

Do we believe anything that spews out of that Pink mustache? Lyft is the most unethical ridesharing company in the transportation industry. Based on surveying many ridesharing riders, the worst ride experiences come from Lyft drivers. Unfair driver deactivations often occur on the Lyft ride platform.

One Lyft driver lectured a female rider for not wanting to have children. Another Lyft driver asked a female rider how many more drinks would get her wasted and if he could go upstairs and spend time in her room. One San Francisco Lyft driver yelled out two Lyft drivers after they started eating pizza in his ride. He told them to get the f***k out of his car. He tossed these girls out on a dark road. Our most recent Lyft revelation arrived from a former Lyft rider who left her I.D. in a Lyft ride and this driver refused to return unless she gave him $100. This Lyft stories are the real deal.

On the flip side,  Lyft also uses their rating system to unfairly deactivate good Lyft drivers. They sidestep around deactivating drivers, claiming that their Performance Team works with all drivers to encourage a positive ride platform. This is untrue. The Performance Team at Lyft depend on their flawed rating system to terminate drivers. Their system is so ridiculous that some drivers didn't last past the first weekend; they got axed right way. Some drivers lasted a week, a month, a few months and a year.

Lyft doesn't seem to be looking for long-term drivers. Loyalty is an afterthought at Lyft. Star ratings rule the Performance Review Department. These flock of losers are given the power to destroy the lives of good Lyft drivers. Whereas, the Lyft drivers above are given the green light to keep giving bad service. There are more drivers like those scouring the roads for the next riders to manipulate.

We encourage all Lyft passengers to rate these bad Lyft experiences low. This action will remove the worst Lyft drivers from this Pink mustache ride platform. Consider rating low if these Lyft drivers use dirty, smelly cars. Better yet, rate their old beat up cars that would never quality on the Uber ride platform.  We all know that Lyft relies on star ratings to make deactivation decisions.

In recent time, Lyft has relaxed on their star ratings. They lowered the minimum star rating to 4.6. The best Lyft drivers somehow got unfairly deactivated a few years ago for dipping under 4.8; they received 4.79. The Lyft excuse is that their star rating system allows them to locate the worst drivers. The worst drivers are 4.79? Your drunken riders, who you confide in for accurate stars and feedback, serve as your measuring stick? How many bad Lyft drivers have high scores? Are Lyft riders fair with rating their Lyft drivers?

Former Lyft drivers are dumped off and left to rot. Luckily for them, there are way better ride platforms willing to accept their ridesharing skills. Lyft is attempting to recruit many new drivers, but their deactivation methods are costing them valuable ridesharing business. What driver will use Lyft after an unfair deactivation? We're surprised that Lyft is still around, especially with their unstable drivers and thoughtless Performance Review Team leading the ride movement.

Two thumbs down  = Lyft

We have proof that star ratings do matter in determining driver deactivation decisions. Is having a 4.80+ consistently low to deactivate a driver? What about terminating a driver who never had any conflict with any of their riders? Relying on drunken riders to rate drivers? Star ratings = nothing. High rated drivers and riders are some of worst at Lyft. Low rated drivers and riders are thoughtful and good people. We all know that star ratings and feedback are manipulated to harm drivers and riders.

The real Lyft mode of driver deactivation is shown below:

 DEC 17, 2013 | 10:53AM PST Nancy T. replied: In our constant effort to create a positive and safe community, driver accounts are continually monitored for ratings, passenger feedback and any reports of safety concerns. The star rating system allows us to identify drivers who are not performing to community standards. As you’ve seen at the bottom of your driving summaries, your star rating has been consistently low over your most recent rides. Your rating did not show improvement, which means that you are no longer a part of the Lyft driver community. If you are looking for another source of supplemental income, please see information for other Peer to Peer business models: RelayRides - TaskRabbit - Thank you again for your time on the Lyft driver platform and we wish you the best. Lyft Performance Team