Sunday, September 06, 2015

Lyft claiming Sacramento drivers will make $35 an hour

Is Lyft making new promises again? Giving their drivers access to $35 per hour in Sacramento, California? Sacramento doesn't remotely compare to the ride business that San francisco produces per day, per night, per weekend.

Unless Lyft is forgiving commission and charging higher per mile and per minute rates, there is no way these new drivers can earn $35 per hour in September, 2015. We're not in 2012 and 2013 anymore. What is the catch Lyft? Do these drivers need to drive 40,50,60,70,80,90, and 100 hours per week?

Uber is guaranteeing East Bay drivers $21 per hour if they drive at high peak times. There are stipulations though, so read up on the requirements to receive these earning guarantees. We only see $45 per hour earning opportunities during special events.

In San Francisco, Lyft drivers can/will make $35 per hour giving rides during peak times. However, Sacramento is not your typical rideshare market. How can Lyft advertise that Sacramento Lyft drivers are earning $35 per hour driving there?

It will be interesting to see breakdowns of trip earnings to match these up with San Francisco and Bay Area cities. Ridesharing rates have dropped to an all-time low. No way we see these many ride requests and continuous trips adding up to $35 per hour. It is tough to earn $35 an hour in San Francisco. This is one of the best ride communities next to New York City and Los Angeles.

As a matter of fact, San Francisco is much more dense and connects all drivers to closer riders. Sacramento is spread out. It doesn't offer that denseness, that close connectivity to increase trip earnings.

These Lyft drivers better watch out driving bad passengers. The star rating system is what allows Lyft drivers to keep active. If their last 100 trips score drops below the minimum and Community Review flags are activated, they are done as drivers.

Lyft won't provide a valid explanation to this deactivation. This ridesharing company deceives the ridesharing community on their deactivation decisions. Even more, this Pink mustache loser hide passenger comments, exact ratings and who complained. There is no integrity at Lyft. Passengers win every single time. Therefore, Lyft drivers become the biggest losers.

Got deactivated from Lyft? Lose your car. Lose your apartment. Lose your credit rating. Lose access to your college goals. Lyft doesn't care. They just want more inexperienced drivers with no patience to give quality ridesharing services. It is a proven fact that Lyft drivers don't know their way around Lyft cities.

Either Lyft is deceiving the public to recruit more drivers. Or they have a trick up their sleeves to reward new drivers. We'll see how this new promotion of $1500 per week and/or $35 an hour play out.