Friday, September 04, 2015

How to apply for the Uber vehicle lease program?

Are you already an Uber driver? Thinking about becoming an Uber driver? Do you know that Uber is the only ridesharing company with a vehicle lease program? These vehicles can prevent drivers from ruining their personal cars. This leasing program will connect drivers to fuel efficient vehicles.

Once approved, drivers will retain these vehicles for 3 years. Personal vehicles are no longer a smart choice to perform ridesharing services. For the most part, vehicle leases represent the future of ridesharing.

Uber offers new and existing drivers access to a new and used vehicle leasing program. The following steps will connect Uber drivers to ridesharing vehicles. 
  1. Apply for the XChange Leasing Program upon applying to become an Uber driver. If you already drive for Uber, apply for the vehicle leasing program on the Uber dashboard. 
  2. Wait for Uber to approve application. 
  3. Call and make an appointment with an approved dealership listed in the email. Remember the name of Uber sales consultant. 
  4. Bring $250 in cash or cashier check. Have your Driver's License available. 
  5. Visit location and request sales consultant that handles Uber lease program.  
  6. Depending on dealership policies, choose new and/or pre-owned vehicle. 
  7. Give Driver's License to sales consultant. Pay $250. Get receipt. Review vehicle paperwork. 
  8. Sales consultant submits contract to Uber. 
  9. Wait 3-5 business days for Uber to sign this contract. 
  10. Get ridesharing insurance from Farmers Insurance and/or MetroMile.  
  11. Receive call to pick up vehicle. 
  12. Show insurance. Sign contract. 
  13. Drive vehicle to get free 19-point inspection at an Uber location. 
  14. Activate vehicle on Uber driver app. 
  15. If driver decides to return vehicle, they must do so within 30 days and give two weeks notice. 
New drivers must wait to be approved to drive with Uber. Once these drivers are approved, they can follow the steps above. Existing Uber drivers will follow steps 1-14. 

Happy Ubering! 

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If an approved email for Bay Area residents arrive, visit Jennifer Jammal at Steven's Creek Toyota in San Jose for quick service. Two new car makes are available under the Uber lease program. Phone number is (408) 984-1234.