Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Google Maps experiencing problems

Google Maps helps us get around. It gives us the best possible route under traffic conditions. In the past few weeks, Google Maps has been experiencing problems that impact ridesharing trips.

What is happening with Google Maps? Google Maps shows a circle going around your vehicle. The directions begin to go haywire in large cities, where it is a few turns behind and doesn't update.

Drivers using Google Maps will miss turns, miss destinations, won't have accurate directions, won't be able to get directions on roads with no outlets, go to the wrong destinations, and there are times this navigation app won't start. There occurred after the most current September 15, 2015 update.

One Uber driver switched his navigation settings to Uber maps. This driver experienced many Google Maps issues. Luckily, this driver's city knowledge is at a high level. Otherwise, he would be penalized with low ratings for missing pickup addresses and destinations.

Google Maps is usually the best navigation app in the market. It is way above Apple Maps. However, Google Maps is going through some major changes that is impacting directions most ridesharing drivers rely on to perform ridesharing services.

Whatever the case, we hope Google Maps can improve on these issues.