Friday, September 11, 2015

Drunk people

Drunk people boost overall ridesharing demand. However, these type of riders may present a challenge for drivers. Last night, a ridesharing driver, in pursuit of his client, parked at a requested pickup address sent a text and waited patiently. Then, this driver called his rider to verify their current location. This rider informed his driver that he is at a another location. For the most part, this driver could tell his rider had too many drinks.

The driver parked on the side of this building. He didn't see the rider. He called him for a second time. This client moved to another location. Since this driver parked on a one-way road, he couldn't reverse on this street to drive to the other side of the building. Therefore, this driver drove all the way around the block and traveled down another one-way street.

At the location, a drunk girl entered this ridesharing vehicle. She told the driver to take her home. She couldn't barely speak, mumbling every word. She was obviously extremely drunk. This driver requested the name of the client who ordered the ride for her. He told her that he'll call the client to verify. This driver knew this drunk girl wasn't part of the client's group.

Once the client picked-up the phone and could be heard on the speaker, this female rider said I'm sorry and stepped out of the ridesharing vehicle. Many female bar hoppers are too trusting. They enter cars without ordering ridesharing services. It is their friends who allow them to wander off.

Please watch your friends and family members. Going out for a drink? Plan to get wasted? Keep an eye on your surroundings. Don't just enter any ride. Ridesharing services must be requested via a ride app. Otherwise, ridesharing drivers can't legally drive people.

Pay special attention to vehicles you request via these ridesharing apps. Drunk people let their guard down, which is a recipe for disaster. Stay vigilant.

Ride safe!