Friday, September 04, 2015

Drivers are at greater risk than riders

Ridesharing drivers are what make ridesharing possible. It is not the ride app makers that give this ridesharing movement life. No drivers = no riders. Those people who haven't downloaded ridesharing apps and taken a ride yet use safety as a primary concern. Keep in mind that drivers are at a greater risk rather than riders.

You probably heard about Uber, Lyft and Sidecar. The top two ridesharing companies, Uber and Lyft, are now billion dollar startups. They are well into the revenue generation stage. Thousands of drivers are on the road giving rides right now. Millions of rides are requested weekly.

Riders are still on the fence. They fear their safety is at risk. This makes them reluctant to request a ride from a stranger. This is no ordinary stranger, this is a ridesharing driver under a particular app. Their profile pictures are shown on the ride app. Their license plate number and car make are identified, as well. They underwent extensive background checks.

Nevertheless, any rider can open a new ridesharing account and input a credit card and/or payment method (PayPal) to request rides. This may become a problem once the ridesharing system is manipulated to harm drivers. It is inevitable that one person out there is conjuring up and insidious plan to expose the ridesharing system.

Riders can request the name of the ridesharing driver to ensure this driver is theirs. Asking if this is an Uber won't protect riders. Identifying the right driver. Taking the right ride service is imperative to protect your safety as a client/rider/passenger.

Drivers face greater risks performing ridesharing services. They don't see rider profile pictures. There are times that riders don't use their real names to open accounts. Some use email accounts instead of their legal name. Ridesharing drivers can get victimized a number of different ways.

Riders worry whether their safety is at risk. We viewed media reports of ridesharing drivers taking advantage of their riders. This is such a small percentage that it shouldn't be front page news. What should worry the ridesharing community is riders who request rides for strangers.

The next time riders request a ride, think from the eyes of ridesharing drivers. These drivers put their trust in a flawed system designed to build trust among the ride community. However, a driver is exposed to a number of possible dangers on the road to make a few dollars per ride.

Rideshare safely!

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