Tuesday, September 01, 2015

C'mon Uber - Match Lyft with no commission after 40 hours per week

Lyft is winning again. This pathetic ridesharing company doesn't deserve to win. Their disloyalty impacted former Lyft drivers, resulting in car repossessions, financial struggles, evictions, and other dark events. Lyft deactivated many good drivers, basing their termination decisions on a flawed rating system that empowers all riders to rate as they please without any recourse. Even after all of this, Lyft is winning the ridesharing game. Uber hasn't responded yet.

One Uber driver has referred many new drivers to Uber. For some odd reason, these drivers still remain in the pending stage. A handful of approved drivers haven't taken their trips to earn referral bonuses. Is it that Uber is benefitting from these referrals? Once referred ridesharing drivers pass the 30 day period without completing the mandatory trips, the referring driver won't receive a $500 bonus.

Uber can't forgive commission to compete with Lyft. They can't give drivers a $1 safe fee to help with the high commission rate. Lyft has figured out a way to offer a commission chargeback for drivers completing 40 hours on their platform per week. Imagine this, the unethical bottom feeders (Lyft) is hooking many new drivers using $1500 per weekly earnings. This is made possible through forgiving commission once these drivers surpass 40 hours per week.

Uber is only offering a guaranteed $21 per hour in the East Bay. San Francisco rates haven't changed yet, so drivers operating there are making decent money. Surge pricing is not what it used to be, especially after many clients complained about price gouging. Lyft is winning the driver recruitment game. It seems Uber is uninterested in speeding up the application process post-driver referrals.

Uber drivers sit back and wait for their referred drivers to get activated. Activated drivers are waiting to get a driver patch to use the Uber driver app on their personal phones. Referred Uber drivers continue to wait, while Lyft is putting many new drivers on the road by guaranteeing no commission after 40 hours. Therefore, Lyft drivers are earning the same rates as 2013 drivers. $35 an hour and 40 hours a week calculate into $1400 per week. The odd, weird Lyft is winning.

UberX and UberPool drivers must complete 70+ hours per week to clear $1400 per week. They have to complete hundreds of rides a week to match Lyft. Lyft is the better choice right about now. Lyft drivers receive tips, while UberX drivers have no way of receiving tips on the Uber app. Unless Uber can come up with a no commission option, add a tipping feature on their app, and make better earning guarantees, Lyft will win the ridesharing game.

It's unfortunate that Lyft can win, because this on-demand ridesharing service offers a terrible service. Their drivers are borderline unstable, which many former Lyft passengers have shared to shed light on this Pink mustache company. Male Lyft drivers have made their female riders uncomfortable with making advances toward them. Lyft has no integrity to terminate many good drivers based on a flawed star rating system. Once riders were given a comment section, they took this as a vendetta to eliminate Lyft drivers.

Lyft seems to be the better choice for new drivers. They will ultimately earn far more than UberX and UberPool drivers. There is no reason to choose Uber if Lyft is making $35 and hour and $1500 weekly guarantees. As much as we dislike Lyft, new drivers are better off working for their ridesharing company, rather than sign on with Uber and Sidecar to earn far less after commission and fees. It makes financial sense to drive with Lyft. In our experience with Lyft, you will make good money. Just watch out for poor riders who use the rating system at their disposal to hurt good drivers.

Uber, please launch a commission forgiveness promotion and develop an in-app tipping feature to win the ridesharing game. Don't let this Pink mustache steal ride business your drivers deserve.

*** Uber is definitely taking care of their drivers. They launched two great promotions within the past few weeks. Thank you. November 30, 2015.