Thursday, September 03, 2015

Advantage and Disadvantage of Uber Gas Card

Uber launched an Uber gas card to help drivers stay on the road. This Uber Mastercard may earn drivers up to 15 cents per gallon. For the most part, gas represents the top expense for ridesharing drivers. It is imperative to keep ridesharing vehicle fueled up and ready to go. The Uber gas reward is said to equip drivers with gas to afford ridesharing services.

The advantages of using this gas credit card are that drivers can charge gas in advance, purchase snacks, and $200 is available per week. Driver pay these gas and snack charge back the following week. Uber gives their drivers access to at least $200 worth of gas in any given week. Even so, drivers may charge gas station snacks on this Uber gas Mastercard. With this gas in the tank, drivers can stay on the road much longer and become more efficient earners.

The disadvantages of using this Uber Gas Mastercard are that all gas expenses are deducted the following week, drivers must complete at least 200 trips per month to remain an active card holder to get deactivated, and that spending $200 per week actually reveals the real value of rideshare driving. If drivers charge $200 earn less than $200, then their card can get deactivated when this deficit is greater than $100. Another drawback is that drivers may spend more on gas than they earn driving.

Given access to this Uber Mastercard (Gas Card), drivers can test the value of using advanced earnings to increase weekly trips. However, some drivers don't earn as much and don't see the benefit in using this Uber Gas Card. Therefore, making $300 and paying out $200 in gas expenses will limit overall earnings.

It is up to Uber drivers to use this gas card. Another good option is to cover all gas expenses with another credit card that has cash rewards. We haven't heard any good feedback on this Uber Mastercard. Take the Uber Mastercard gas rewards program for a swipe. See if having access to an extra $200 per week can significantly increase your weekly earnings.

Uber on!