Saturday, August 01, 2015

Uninformed UberX Client requests driver to cancel trip for drunk friend

UberX client requests a ride. The driver must turn around at the next exit because this request arrived a second too late while he was merging onto the freeway.

The client calls the driver to change the pickup address. He also shares that he won't be there and that this driver would be picking up a friend. He never mentioned the friend's name, only that he was a tall white guy.

At the new pickup address, this driver doesn't see a tall white guy hanging out in front of a bar. He calls the client to request more information, but is taken to voice mail. A white guy walks up and enters the ride. This driver confirms the name of friend and whether he is waiting for this ride.

Unfortunately, the client never inputted a destination. He didn't text this address. He wouldn't pick up his phone to give this address. The friend riding in the UberX car doesn't know the address.

Several minute later on the freeway, the client text messages and informs the driver to cancel the ride. He claims his friend is too drunk and doesn't want him to come over. How in the world does this driver cancel a ride on the freeway? Where would he drop this rider off at?

This doesn't make any sense. After the UberX driver drove the friend nearly 3-4 miles and is on the freeway, the client assumes he can just cancel the ride.

The UberX driver continued driving this friend. The friend finally gave this driver the right address to this destination. He dropped this rider off at this destination.

In the end, the UberX driver made the right decision to complete this trip. There is no way this driver could drop this client off on the freeway. He was intoxicated. He would be unsafe on the streets.

Many clients are uninformed about ridesharing. In furthermost cities, Uber is still gaining traction and needs time to educate new riders. Furthermore, existing clients tend to make mistakes that complicate the ridesharing process. Ridesharing apps take time to understand. Nevertheless, advanced ridesharing drivers understand how ride platforms operate.

Patience is the key to unlock all doors. Don't allow clients to frustrate you. As a ridesharing driver, you lead the rideshare experience from the moment a request arrives until the trip ends.