Thursday, August 06, 2015

Three UberPool requests in a single trip

Uber is implementing a new system to allow three UberPool requests during a single trip. If drivers assumed two UberPool requests were tough to handle, just imagine adding another rider into the mix. Driving three clients in the same trip may create unwanted conflict.

What if the first rider brings along another co-rider? Then, UberPool drivers must inform the next two riders they can only ride solo. Otherwise, the last client must cancel their ride to accommodate this active trip. Another concern is a late client rushing their driver to leave behind a rider. For the most part, the first client controls the pace of the UberPool ride.

The Uber app prompts are self-explanatory to keep UberPool drivers on course. Accept a request. Accept another request. Pick up first client. Pick up second client. Accept a third request midway through this trip. Drop off client to closest destination. Drop off client to second closest destination. Finally, complete this UberPool trip with dropping the last client off at their intended address.

There you have it. UberPool drivers can drive three separate clients. These ride requests may arrive at any time during a particular trip. As a ridesharing driver, be prepared to take UberPool trips occupied with three clients. Ride safe!