Saturday, August 29, 2015

Roadside Flares

Accidents do happen. It is inevitable that motorists will get involved in a future auto collision. If this moment shall occur, especially at night, ridesharing drivers must be prepared to warn other drivers on the road to prevent further damage and/or bodily harm and/or death.

Roadside flares should be mandatory emergency devices to keep freeways/highways/interstates safe. All it takes is one minor accident and/or car breakdown in a dark spot, without the proper lighting to signal drivers, to cause serious bodily harm/injury. Don't allow a minor mishap to evolve into an extremely dangerous situation.

Ridesharing drivers are on the roads thousands of hours per day. Their excessive time transporting clients/riders/passengers to destinations increase the likelihood of car accidents. Minor car breakdowns, such as loss of power, dead batteries, alternator failure, broken belts, and/or car issues, can prevent emergency flashers from warning oncoming drivers.

Purchase roadside flares and store them in a safe place inside your trunk. Read all warnings to familiarize yourself with risk factors. Preparation is critical to minimize danger on busy roadways. Ridesharing drivers must always stay prepared, no matter if no accidents and car failure occur. For that moment on a dark roadway, ridesharing drivers may find visibility as the primary reason their accident/breakdown didn't transpire into a serious disaster.

***Keep in mind that roadside flares are to be used for their intended purpose. Please don't use them as fireworks, to start campfires, to light ovens and cigarettes (if you crazy to do this) and for any reasons beyond warning drivers. Get covered under a roadside service plan. Call for assistance to help out. Drive safe.