Saturday, August 29, 2015

Misinformed Riders

Ridesharing services require patience to keep performing this job. Riders get inpatient, usually cancelling rides when they see drivers traveling in another direction on a freeway, one-way road, and/or residential street. What these riders forget is that drivers are following the most efficient and safest route available to them at this particular moment.

Riders lack insight. They rush drivers to reach airport terminals. They cancel rides that ride apps display the time of arrival as taking longer. They keep calling and sending text messages to rush drivers. Riders don't know the road conditions. They have no eyes on the road.

Ridesharing drivers deserve better treatment, but we can't expect much from overzealous, clueless riders. They want what they want at beck and call. Time is everything to riders. A driver positioned 5-6 minutes may get canceled because they are further away than a rider expects.

Riders must stop with stacking their friends in vehicles unequipped to handle this seating occupancy. Expecting drivers to accept their absurd requests (8-9 riders) put ridesharing drivers in unfair situations. The star rating system is the definitive line that adds pressure to ridesharing services. Riders know this; they use the rating system to their advantage.

Misinformed riders overlook safety. They move around too much. They sneak liquor in rides. At times, they leave behind cocaine on the seat to extend their after-hour celebration. They leave bottles of whisky on the floorboard. We can't perform ridesharing services under these conditions.

Ridesharing drivers see it all. Misinformed riders are a curse on ridesharing. These riders make ridesharing a nightmare for all drivers trying to survive a financial crunch. It is no fun and games driving on busy roads. Drivers may have insightful conversations during trips, but safety is above everything else. Ultimately, drivers have the pressure of a mountain resting on their shoulders. Make a mistake and ruin their future, even worse the lives of others.

Misinformed riders, get informed. Know that drivers positioned on freeways must turn around. They can't make a U-turn on highways and go in the opposite direction. Calling these drivers to request their current location will delay arrival times.

Informing drivers that you're traveling the opposite direction doesn't help improve ETA. Try to be patient. If you can't do this, then cancel the ride within 5 minutes (cancellation policy to avoid fee) and order another. Just know this; you may wait additional time to get another rider and/or surge pricing and demand pricing may go into effect to increase rates.

We must work as a team to make ridesharing safe and fun. Don't jeopardize the safety of drivers and yourself to save a few minutes. If you are running late, don't expect your driver to drive 90 miles per hour in the rain. Don't rush them. There are lives at stake. Be responsible. Get informed.

Happy Ridesharing!