Saturday, August 08, 2015

Lyft at their best

Lyft is infamous for putting terrible drivers on San Francisco streets. It has come to our attention that a recent Lyft ride resulted in a rider receiving horrible treatment. We hear this often in San Francisco, so it doesn't surprise us that Lyft deactivates good drivers and retains bad ones.  

According to a current Uber female client, she took a Lyft a few months ago during the late night. She had a few drinks, but was not too intoxicated. She started eating pizza in this Lyft ride.

For some odd reason, the Lyft driver exploded on her. He yelled at her, telling her to stop eating pizza in his fu**ing car. He wouldn't stop humiliating her, going on a rant that scared her. Eventually, this Lyft driver dumped his female client and her co-rider on a side street. She paid for a trip that never got completed. 

This Lyft customer contacted Lyft to report this situation. It was in her best interest to protect future Lyft riders from riding with this angry Lyft driver. However, Lyft continued to ask her stupid questions concerning this incident and never resolved this matter. She vowed to never use Lyft again, immediately deactivating her account after Lyft support ignored her unfortunate incident.

The real Lyft is a ridesharing company that sweeps conflict under their Pink Mustache to hide the truth. San Francisco and East Bay riders take a risk requesting Lyft rides. In our opinion and based on past rider experiences, unprofessional Lyft drivers put the ridesharing industry in a bad spotlight. 

Go Lyft! Keep putting those pathetic ridesharing drivers on Bay Area streets.