Sunday, August 30, 2015

Conniving Lyft claiming drivers can make $1500 per week

Ridesharing drivers are viewed as high paying professionals. They drive everyday people around like taxi drivers. In exchange, ridesharing companies give these drivers access to weekly fare earnings.

Ride rates have dropped 50% since the launch of ridesharing services. It is safe to say that drivers are driving for peanut pay. However, Lyft is now advertising that new drivers can earn $1500 per week driving on their ride platform. How is this possible? 

Either this conniving Pink mustache ridesharing company is deceiving new drivers. Or Lyft is forgiving commission to hook these drivers, a stranglehold method to build a fleet of Lyft drivers who only drive for the small Pink mustache losers. 

Why do we believe in the latter? We know many ridesharing drivers who work extremely long hours to make half of this advertised earnings. UberX and UberPool drivers would need to drive 60-80 hours a week to clear $1500 per week. Uber is guaranteeing East Bay, California drivers only $21 per hour driving at peak times. This means that drivers will earn at least $21 per hour before commision. 

Lyft is bold with advertising that new drivers will earn $1500 per week driving for them. They leave out the real facts to capture needy people who will eventually destroy their personal vehicles to make Lyft richer and more powerful. 

Lyft has no integrity whatsoever. They ruined the lives of many drivers. They deactivated high quality drivers who poured all of their energy driving their immature clientele around busy city streets. Then, Lyft relies on an amateur Performance Review team to unfairly evaluate lower rated drivers, who at one time, were considered really good if their star ratings held up today. 

Lyft deactivated many 4.79 drivers. They deceived their former drivers, indicating that their star rating system is accurate to determine good and bad drivers. Become a loyal Lyft driver and this rideshare company will give you the boot once a heartless rider decides they want to harm a driver's life. 

We must remember that riders are everyday people. They are the same people we see dining in restaurants. The very people that complain about waiting longer in store lines. These riders rush servers, harassing them to empower their trouble attitudes. 

Lyft is the white stuff that builds on your dry lips. They are the scum of the ridesharing industry. This is the ridesharing company who put a driver on the road which resulted in a fatal accident near Elk Grove, California last Halloween. Based on past media, we never heard of a fatal accident involving a ridesharing company. 

Lyft has no loyalty. Their mode of operation is to get as many drivers on the road to compete against Uber. This intense competition to become the best drove fares down. Even so, taxi companies hate Lyft. One San Francisco taxi driver shared that his income took a 50% drop. On weekends, he struggles to find a fair amount of rides. He claimed that he once made $300-$350 on weekend nights. Now, take-home pay is around $150. 

If Lyft is guaranteeing drivers $1500 a week, we would like to see proof of this on a printout. Almost 2 years ago, Lyft drivers were struggling to earn $1500. Ridesharing rates have dropped to an all-time low. Unless Lyft is making up B.S. with suggesting that drivers can make up to $1500, they are hooking gullible, naive drivers to drive in a fantasy. 

Once commission goes back into effect, these drivers will see the real light. By then, it will be too late to salvage their vehicles and rebuild their lives. Ridesharing ruins many lives. People trust the "drive whenever you want" slogan. They take this motto to heart. 

What about the health of drivers? Drivers have a tough time locating restrooms at night. Their motivation to make money blocks them from using the restroom. They don't drink enough liquids to hydrate their bodies. Reliability responsibility to honor scheduled hours trap these drivers. As a result of this, Lyft drivers may be prone to developing health issues. Too much responsibility to make too little pay. 

Up to $1500 per week is more like it. Forgive commission to hook the fish. Get them to drive, then charge commission. That seems more accurate, an ethical assessment to mirror the real motivation behind $1500 per week billboards and web ads manipulating average people. Folks, it is a pipe dream to earn $1500 a week driving for Lyft. Educate yourself on ridesharing; know the truth. 

Lyft may give incentives to drive for them. They need you. The truth is they deactivated many good drivers. We have proof of this practice. Ridesharing clients vow to never use Lyft again for getting harassed, belittled, and yelled at and kicked out of Lyft rides. These drivers refuse to return personal items left behind in vehicles unless their riders agree to pay them. That is the real Lyft people must discover. 

Make up to $1500 per week on Lyft. In honesty, calculate this pay. How many hours per week will you drive earn this much money. How much gas will you spend? How many junky Lyft vehicles will scour city streets to bogart ride business. Lyft drivers compete against their own pool of drivers. It is a cutthroat way to earn money, where riders hold all the cards and control your fate as a driver. 

If you don't make this rider happy, you will get axed. See ya, you're done with Lyft. Who cares if you just purchased a vehicle exclusively to drive with Lyft. Once your star rating drops to the new threshold of 4.6, Performance Review will make up some fabricated lie to deactivate your account. Past Lyft drivers with 200-400+ rides under their belt got deactivated for 4.79 ratings. Lyft lies that this never happened, but the proof of their actions are plastered all over this ridesharing website. Numbers, emails, and actions don't lie. 

Go ahead, earn that $1500. Los Angeles Lyft drivers shared that it took them driving 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, to earn $70,000 per year. Basically, this Lyft driver worked over 100 hours per week to make $1500 a week. The cost of gas probably consumed 20%-50% of his earnings. Wear and tear, maintenance and repairs are another problem area to deduct from annual earnings. Water, snacks and Lyft themes cost money. Don't forget your taxes. 

Ridesharing drivers are making ridesharing companies a bundle. They are left with dirt to fill their wrecked lives. At a cost of $1.30 per mile, $.26-$.30 per minute, and $2 base fare, you would need to drive over a thousand of miles or activate shift during peak demand to receive Demand Pricing on all rides. The calculations don't add up. Two years after Lyft drivers complained about making money, ridesharing fares have bottomed-out and this has fared well in surviving this price competition. 

Believe in the $1500 advertisements. The only way Lyft can guarantee these high earnings is to forgive commission. They can offer Demand Pricing at peak time hours. Give that, weekend nights are extremely busy. Uber can't guarantee their UberX and UberPool drivers $1500 per week. They are guaranteeing East Bay drivers $21 per hour before commission. Uber charges high commission. They make their money off the top. All these airport agreements earn UberX drivers far less. 

What is the trick Lyft? What is up your Pink mustache? Is your strategy ripping off your riders to line Lyft driver pockets? There has to be some explanation to post $1500 per week when ridesharing is a shell of its former business. Price competition hurt many drivers. The cost of gas bankrupted many drivers. The excessive time driving on the road may have ruined many relationships, impacted the health of drivers and destroyed credit ratings. As long as you earn $1500 with Lyft, there is no worry. Sooner or later, you will all learn the truth. 

Happy Lyfting!