Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Use caution when signing up to become a ridesharing driver

We try our best to make ridesharing services as transparent as possible. Our goal is to prevent drivers from falling into a financial mess. Based on our experience, we understand the pitfalls of ridesharing. Whenever possible, please use precaution to balance your personal and professional affairs.

Set boundaries. Drive smart. Get along with riders. Push your pride to the side. Utilize strategy to make a profit. Stay on top of new regulations to operate under the scope of ridesharing laws. Keep moving in the right direction. Most importantly, enjoy your ridesharing experience.

The marketing tricks we see employed often on radio stations, in search engines and on websites are geared toward convincing people like you to become entrepreneurs with endless freedom. Flexibility is the main selling point to entice prospective drivers that ridesharing services can/will improve their lifestyle. These companies need drivers on the road to promote their ride app brand. Furthermore, these drivers are expected to build a long-lasting relationship with riders.

Keep in mind that ridesharing is a temporary solution to establish financial stability. We're sure you've seen $70k-$80K annual ads rotating on the web. Do these ridesharing companies share the hours required to make this income?  How much money is lost to ridesharing? What can/will happen to personal vehicles? Wear and tear? Depreciation? Constant maintenance and repair expenses. If done wrong, ridesharing services can/will destroy your life.

Make certain that ridesharing represents a secondary form of income. After gas, tolls, maintenance, repairs, snacks, and other expenses (i.e. taxes), there is not much left to enjoy. To be honest, you are better off working a real job rather than accelerating the death of your personal vehicle. Respect your vehicles; don't drive them into the ground to make a few extra dollars.

The moment your personal ride breaks down, you will be grounded at home. Think of your car as your legs. Without any legs, you can't go to work. Ridesharing companies restrict drivers from going online with unapproved vehicles. You must be very cautious to use approved rides. Don't game ride platforms or else your time as a ridesharing driver will come to a halt. Moreover, ridesharing companies have the right to report violating drivers to the proper authorities.

How do you avoid destroying your life via ridesharing services? Balance driving. Exercise safety precautions at all times. Keep hydrated. Know your surroundings. Use the restroom often to avoid health issues. Find a hot spot to hang out during slow times. Add a reliable roadside service to your personal vehicle. Consider having your ridesharing company approve a second vehicle to withstand potential breakdowns. In case your bank account unexpedly closes down, get a backup account to make immediate changes. This way, all ridesharing drivers can receive uninterrupted direct deposit payments. Get plenty of sleep. Never drink and drive. Never drive while under the influence of drugs and controlled substances. Avoid driving while sick. Treat all riders with respect.

Remember, ridesharing is viewed as an entrepreneurship. You control your fate. Make every moment on the road count.

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