Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Ridesharing Promo Code 4th of July Weekend 2015

This 4th of July, 2015 falls on a weekend. Millions of people will be out celebrating America's most popular holiday. Make sure you celebrate this 3-day holiday weekend safely.

Ridesharing services are available to transport riders to 4th of July events, movies, beaches, barbecues, restaurants, fireworks shows, and other 4th of July festivities. Don't risk getting a DUI.

Why destroy your life to have fun this holiday weekend? It is easy to get careless and get a DUI. Leave the responsibility of driving you to ridesharing drivers. These drivers actually enjoy transporting people to destinations. They choose to be available on-demand, close enough to be within a few minutes up to 20 minutes from pickup locations.

Keep in mind that drivers accepting calls from nearby cities require time to reach pickup addresses. Give these drivers ample time to reach you. See them accepting requests on the freeway? Don't cancel these drivers for being impatient and expecting 2-minute pickups. We all get spoiled at one point or another. Find it within yourself to show common courtesy and respect. These ridesharing drivers are doing their best to make your travels exciting and safe.

Sidecar and Uber drivers will drive you this 4th of July weekend. If you're new to ridesharing, just know these car services are much better than taxis. Unlike ridesharing services, taxi drivers lack personal accountability. They get away with treating their passengers like objects rather than paying customers. Ridesharing drivers are held accountable through a 5-star rating system. Needless to say, their poor behavior will result in immediate deactivation.

Give ridesharing drivers the benefit of doubt. Criticize what is criticizable. Reward what is rewardable. Stand in ridesharing driver shoes. Ask yourself how does it feel to drive random strangers with no verifiable photos? There are obvious risks involved giving rides to riders. As you may know, drivers and their vehicles are visually shown on ridesharing apps. However, riders are in a much safer position than drivers. These riders have access to alert tools, whereas drivers are sitting ducks drawn to potential danger. We're not implying that ridesharing is dangerous, but there are a wide range of personalities requesting rides.

Treat these drivers with respect. They are giving up their holiday weekend to drive you. Plan to vomit after drinking? Do yourself a favor and request your driver to pull to the side of the street. Don't vomit outside of moving cars. This vomit will likely smother window seals, interior and exterior doors, and interior floors and carpets of ridesharing vehicles. Think of how much your driver is losing after a vomit mess. Your drunken mess will have a domino effect on their livelihood.

Ridesharing drivers must choose to clean your vomit. If they refuse, they can't drive riders again until their vehicles are properly cleaned. In addition, drivers are not compensated for missed time. Ridesharing companies are unable to protect their drivers from losing money post-vomit disasters.

New to ridesharing? Want to use a Sidecar promo code and/or an Uber promo code to get free ride credit. This 4th of July weekend is your lucky time.

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