Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Make $35/hour driving for Lyft

Lyft is aggressively advertising $35/per hour as the minimum their drivers can make using this ridesharing app. This is true!

A few years ago, a ridesharing driver who performed ride services for Lyft earned at least $275 when driving at least 8 hours. On a typical weekend, drivers could earn greater than $1000 working 30 hours. There were several drivers reporting to us that they earned $70-$80k annually as a Lyft driver.

Imagine the flexibility, the newfound freedom of driving whenever you want without the pressure of requesting vacation time off. No calling in sick to clear off-time to recover. Lyft gives all drivers flexibility to become their own boss.

Is $35/hour an accurate amount? Or is Lyft deceiving prospective drivers to maintain a dominant stance in the ridesharing industry?

Even though we dislike Lyft as a ridesharing bully who deactivated many great drivers for their lack of insight, we can vouch that making $35/hour as a driver is 100 percent true. On Friday and Saturday evenings, Lyft drivers can earn as much as $35/hour between 6-7pm-3pm.

Think about the fun you'll have driving for Lyft. This fun also translates into lucrative income. Drive at your own pace; open up new doors to your financial freedom.

Take the next step to apply as a Lyft driver. There is a current waiting list to drive with Lyft. Get on that list now to drive on this Pink mustache ride platform.

Keep in mind that star ratings are the most important system to monitor performance. Lyft's Performance Review Department won't hesitate one moment to deactivate driver accounts. Treat ridesharing as a job to remain active.

Pay special attention to the risks associated with ridesharing. Don't allow this ridesharing job to bury you in a financial pit. Maintain your car. Stay healthy.

Go lyfting today and make $30, $35, $40+ per hour. Begin your journey as a ridesharing driver.