Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lyft unfairly starts all rides upon driver arrival

According to a South Bay, California Lyft driver, their driver app starts all rides at the pickup address. It doesn't matter if there are any mistakes with pickup locations, riders are on the hook to pay absurd rates upon the driver's arrival. What if the Lyft app makes pickup address errors and trips are started prematurely? Riders pay for additional mileage and time.

As usual, Lyft is out of touch with reality. They should know that unplanned issues could delay trips. Riders positioned several miles away from pickup addresses may pay higher fares as a result of immediate trip start times. Most of all, riders are paying higher fares to accommodate Lyft drivers.

Lyft must be the greediest ridesharing company out there. They are willing to overcharge their riders to retain drivers as well as make a substantial profit. How unintelligent is it to start rides without the permission of riders? It is dumb to enforce this ridiculous policy. Lyft gets no respect taking advantage of their rider base.

Beginning a trip without consulting the rider can increase the cost of rides. What if the rider is 4 miles away? Once a Lyft driver reaches a pickup address, this trip will automatically start. This rider may notify the driver of their exact address which is in another city. Technical issues, cancellation fees, and even expensive rates may apply to this rider account.

Lyft complicates the ridesharing process. Starting trips ahead of riders entering ridesharing vehicles rush riders. As most ridesharing drivers know, speeding up the pickup process may lead to low star ratings and poor feedback. Unlike Lyft drivers, Uber drivers control the start process.

Lyft is infamous for unveiling new changes. This Pink mustache company gets two thumbs down for implementing this premature ride start rule.