Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Glowing Lyft pink mustache is like previous Uber 'U' light

Lyft continues to surprise us all. Their Pink mustache trade dress is as unique as they come. Keep in mind; this furry mustache is pink and fluffy like a flamingo.

Lyft drivers were expected to attach this oversized trade dress to their front car grill. It took drivers several minutes to successfully secure this Pink Carstache in place.

Luckily, times have changed since these dreadful moments. To put it plain and simple, Lyft finally grew a brain and modified their trade dress to accommodate Lyft drivers.

For the most part, this silly ridesharing company appears to now be using a smaller glowing Pink mustache that abides by current ridesharing laws.

Lyft protects their image. They want people to notice this small glowing Pink mustache on dashboards. Whereas Lyft is permitted to use this trade dress, Uber drivers are restricted under ridesharing laws to display the glowing 'U' light.

Can we say double standards? The new Pink mustache is identical to the "U" light. The only difference is one trade dress is approved and another is prohibited.

Lyft expects first class treatment. Their essential goal is to improve the quality of transportation. However, Lyft will deactivate their drivers based on biased rider feedback. Feedback and low ratings are not verified to protect drivers, but utilized to make termination decisions.

This new Pink mustache trade dress symbolizes how small Lyft has become. Whereas this ridesharing company could have dominated the ridesharing market, instead they chose to encourage unfair deactivations. It seems their motto is to remove top tier drivers in favor of inexperienced drivers.

Lyft is using an identical trade dress that resembles the unapproved Uber 'U' light. This glowing 'U' light is prohibited under ridesharing laws, which may possibly help clients to better locate authorized vehicles at night. Lyft is getting a free pass to use their glowing Pink mustache on dashboards.

Unfair advantage?