Friday, June 12, 2015

Uber Driver misses another few weeks after breakdown

Uber drivers are tricked into believing that making a living as a driver is realistic. It is unrealistic to follow this pipe dream. Another breakdown is keeping an Uber driver off the road again.

Back in March, this Uber driver earned nearly $5k in that month alone. His gas cost accounted for 20 percent of these earnings and an additional 20 percent went to Uber. On top of this, Uber deducted $300-$400 for $1 safe rides. Expensive car repairs put him into an impossible hole.

The Uber driver destroyed his car, his credit, his relationship, his dreams. Nothing is more sad than losing a long-awaited dream from choosing the wrong path. The day this person took the road in a luxury vehicle to become a ridesharing driver, his life took a turn for the worse.

Know this, know the truth, know that you will fail as a ridesharing driver if you believe in the lies, in the deceptions, in the make-believe stories circulating the media junket. Ridesharing is a false lucrative job. Stop treating these ridesharing apps as lucrative careers. They will burn you in the end.

Know the risks. Understand the potential setbacks. Formulate a plan that keeps you in the loop. Don't believe in the hype. Make the best decision that drives your goals. Remember this; being busy doesn't always translate into cash flow. Utilize strategy to work smarter rather than harder. This will make a world of difference in your quest to become a profitable rideshare driver.

This highly skillful Uber driver is unable to get on the road as much. Because of driving for Uber, this driver ruined his life. It all comes down to the high cost of gas, repairs, maintenance, car payments, and insurance. There is rarely any money left to pay important bills.

The best rideshare drivers are sitting at home right now. They are what can make ridesharing a blessing to society as a whole. The worst drivers are driving on the roads right at this moment. They are the drivers who will rate you low, argue with you, and make mistakes.

Ridesharing could become a better secondary income if ridesharing companies paid their drivers a few days after trips are completed. Instead of doing this, ridesharing companies set a standard once-a-Thursday payment schedule.

We're telling right now that you are destroying your cars. The taxi industry is not losing the transportation market. They accept cash fares, receive credit card payments in two days, go home without worrying whether their cars require expensive repairs, and remain a part of a sustainable industry with protection. Ridesharing driving is unsustainable.

One moment you are making good money, the next you are sitting at home. You will sit at home many times because your car and money dictate your earnings. Every car breakdown hurts more than the previous. Good people are losing daily. You may be one of them.

Good luck on the road. You definitely need it.