Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sidecar advantage over Uber

Sidecar is a ridesharing startup that launched back in San Francisco in 2012. Since this launch, Sidecar quickly closed the gap between their ridesharing competition. Their efficient rideshare app keeps ridesharing in motion rather than slow trips down like UberX.

In early 2014, Uber's one-dimensional UberX driver app required drivers to park and input addresses. This delayed pickup times because drivers were restricted from launching navigation on Uber phones. Even now, this Uber driver app relies on in-app navigation to direct drivers to pickup locations and prearranged destinations.

Sidecar has a huge competitive advantage that Uber is unable to meet. Uber charges their drivers $10 per week to use an Uber iPhone. This locked, one-dimensional phone enables Uber drivers to start, stop and review trips. That's it! If you choose to use the Uber driver app on your personal phone, you must visit Uber headquarters in San Francisco to perform this operation.  

Sidecar doesn't charge drivers to use their ridesharing app. Their ride app is free to use on personal phones. Sidecar doesn't provide any phone rentals to perform ridesharing services. 

The best competitive advantage that Sidecar has over their nemesis Uber is that no restrictions are placed on the frequency of driving. As along as Sidecar drivers maintain a positive account, they can drive whenever. Sidecar drivers have access to thousands of riders who prefer to use this ride platform. Furthermore, Sidecar doesn't charge drivers for using their ride app. 

In contrast, Uber drivers are required to complete at least 1 trip per calendar month, or risk immediate account deactivation. If Uber drivers miss multiple weeks driving, they are still required to pay $10 per week on Uber phone rentals. Keep in mind that this rental phone is locked, so downloading Google Maps and/or Waze is prohibited. No calling or texting Uber clients. Despite starting and stopping trips using this Uber phone, all communication between drivers and clients is expected through personal phones. 

Sidecar is the right way to go. @Sidecar is the BEST rideshare platform for drivers! Sign up with my code "qjbxk" and get a $100 bonus.