Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Poor taste with 98.1 changing theme

FM 98.1 set the tone on weekend nights. Their Totally 80's and Oldies music themes made listening to this radio station a nostalgic reflection of our past culture through popular music. Somehow, someway, FM 98.1 changed their theme, creating a fallout in fan support.

One fan complained of too much rap music playing on FM 98.1. It is irritating those listeners who enjoyed the 80's music theme to hear an infusion of Hip Hop. Sunday night oldies infused ridesharing, entertaining riders and inspiring drivers to classic, tasteful music. Now 98.1 is a mess. 

Why is this change viewed as poor taste? Most listeners tune-in to FM 98.1 for their 80's music. Changing to Hip Hop and Rap music is perhaps the worst move for this radio station. 

FM 98.1, go back to what made your radio station fun and exciting. Bring back the 80's and the Oldies.