Thursday, June 25, 2015

Don't worry: Drivers are permitted to transport same riders

Ridesharing drivers transport thousands of riders per year. They meet people from all walks of life. It is enriching for these drivers to perform ridesharing services because they can make a difference in the transportation world. There is a consensus that most taxi drivers are jerks; they won't respect their passengers. Ridesharing drivers are friendly, passionate, and professional.

In the ridesharing world, drivers are accountable for their actions and this is measured through star ratings. Fortunately, passengers have a voice that will be heard whenever they receive poor service. One area of concern is whether a driver can get deactivated for driving the same rider multiple times.

Ridesharing drivers shouldn't worry about driving the same riders multiple times. It is encouraging to see riders enjoying ridesharing services such as UberX, Sidecar and Lyft. Ride sharing apps are designed in such a way in which drivers and riders can connect via close proximity. 

Know a rider who needs a ride? Drivers can connect with these same riders whenever, wherever. Just request the client to sync up with you. Go offline. As soon as the rider is ready to request you, go online quickly and ask them to request you. Because this rider is closest you (driver), the ride app will connect you with them. Accept the rider, start the ride, and cruise to the destination. 

It is not frowned upon to drive the same riders multiple times. There is no penalty for driving the same riders, whether it is accidental and/or this rider requests you to drive them. All in all, the main goal is to increase ridesharing usage and do this professionally and respectfully. 

Don't quote us on driving multiple riders. We don't see anything wrong with transporting the same riders multiple times. Overall, ridesharing companies make their money. You make consistent money. These riders are receiving the best transportation services available to them. It is a win-win for all parties involved. Get on the road with Uber and/or Sidecar. 
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