Thursday, May 28, 2015

Uber request driver referrals and sets strict limits that may deny reward bonus

Uber drivers can make secondary income referring new drivers. Utilizing good marketing techniques and enjoying some luck, Uber drivers will enjoy passive income through attracting these driver referrals. Unfortunately, Uber sets unfair limits on this driver referral promotion. This policy restricts Uber drivers but helps Uber Technologies get free marketing.

Uber requests their drivers to refer new drivers, especially experienced ridesharing drivers who drive with Lyft and Sidecar platforms. These high referral incentives entice Uber drivers to spread the word about Uber ride services. Uber sets a 30-day limit for new ridesharing drivers to complete 20 trips. Delaying these required trips after the deadline may disqualify referring drivers and new drivers from receiving this reward bonus.

Why is this Uber driver referral promotion unethical? Uber sets a deadline to complete at least 20 trips. If this new driver misses the 30-day deadline, it is possible Uber may disqualify both the existing and new Uber Partner from receiving this driver bonus.

What happens after this missed deadline? Uber pays nothing to get a new driver. Eventually, new Uber Partners complete their trips and continue making income as Uber drivers. Despite Uber Partners referring new drivers, this driver referral policy is denying them credit. Uber is getting free marketing at the expense of their drivers.

The right way to handle this referral policy is to pay Uber Partners what they deserve no matter the deadline. The moment new drivers complete the qualified number of trips, existing Uber Partners should be compensated the full reward bonus.

Is this fair? Uber motivates Uber Partners to find new ridesharing drivers. New drivers delay taking trips, get disqualified, and lose out on this referral bonus. For the most part, existing Uber Partners don't receive this driver referral bonus. Uber secures a new driver without spending any money.

This driver referral policy is a perfect marketing strategy to increase the supply of drivers - at the cheapest possible cost - and pay nothing if the number of trips (20) are not completed before the 30-day deadline. Sounds to us this is the worst driver referral bonus in the ridesharing industry.

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