Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Uber Driver misses a month after car breakdown caused by driving with Uber

An Uber driver completed thousands of trips on the UberX ridesharing platform. He contributed his time and energy into making Uber the top ride service among all ridesharing companies. Unfortunately, this Uber driver recently experienced a major breakdown that resulted in $1,000 in repairs and $4,000 in lost earnings. He missed a month of driving, which sent his finances spiraling downwards.

Uber apologized for this breakdown and selfishly offered for him to purchase and/or lease a car as a secondary alternative. This ride app continues to increase their valuation at the expense of their drivers, who must struggle with high gas prices, high commission, $1 safe ride deductions, auto repairs and maintenance cost. Drivers must absorb personal setbacks to make Uber possible. Do you believe in the saying that someone has to lose for one to gain? Sadly, Uber drivers are losing the game to keep Uber on top.

It is widely known that Uber has taken control of ridesharing services. People assume that driving people around town is easy to do. Many Uber drivers are secretly losing money and destroying their personal vehicles. Particularly, ridesharing is intended to function as a secondary income. However, drivers are tricked into believing the false perception of ridesharing. Ridesharing services are perceived as an income generator but the real truth is that overdependence equals high risk.

Ridesharing services are way too risky. Ride app companies target vulnerable people. They use flexibility, convenience and disclose hidden costs to entice new drivers. Keep in mind that abusing personal vehicles will ultimately impact future earnings. Would you like to pour your earnings into car repairs, maintenance, and gas? You can expect the worst in ridesharing. 

This Uber driver finally fixed his personal vehicle. He is ready to get back on the road again. In the past month, this Uber driver realized how poorly ridesharing companies treat their drivers. He must continue to pay $10 a week for a data plan without completing a single ride in a month. It is excessive driving on rundown Bay Area roads that weakened this driver's car and drove his ride into the ground. 

Watch out for Uber and other ridesharing companies. They prey on middle class people like you. While you are doing all the work, ridesharing companies are collecting money and assuming minimal risk. They don't pay for any gas, repairs, and maintenance. This Uber driver struggled to survive without his car. Uber doesn't make it flexible to use another vehicle. Add two vehicles on your driver account to weather any unexpected breakdowns. 

Happy Ridesharing!