Thursday, April 16, 2015

Uber deducts $10 data plan on a $30 work week where driver's car is grounded after unexpected breakdown

An Uber driver experienced a major breakdown and couldn't get on the road last week. He contacted Uber Support to help him out, considering that he completed nearly 2,500 trips on their platform and earned the ride giant a huge sum. Uber Support replied back that he could finance a new car or lease one.

Why on Earth would this driver want to get into another monthly car payment? Uber drivers don't make that much money to splurge on multiple vehicles. If we rewind back to early 2014,  then it makes perfect sense to maintain two quality vehicles on a driver's account. In 2015, right now, purchasing a newer, used and/or leasing a vehicle doesn't make any sense. The cost of rides are too cheap to make consistent income.

Uber Support could have showed better professionalism and waived the $10 data plan. This driver completed 2 rides during the week. Uber deducted the data plan, reducing his take home pay to $22. It is so ridiculous that ridesharing companies overlook these problems. It is because drivers bust their tails off, that Uber generates consistent revenue to stay recognized as a global transportation empire.

This Uber driver will fall down fast without driving on the UberX and UberPool platforms. His luxury vehicle will require extensive repairs to get back on the road again. Regardless, all the ridesharing destroyed his awesome vehicle.

People get stuck performing ridesharing services. They're tricked into believing that giving rides is an easy way to make money. These prospective drivers have no clue of all the expenses (repairs, gas, & maintenance) that ridesharing will cost them. Only when a breakdown as major as what occurred to this driver in discussion, will ridesharing drivers realize there is no loyalty.

UberX drivers will pay $10 per week to maintain their data plan on Uber iPhone equipment - no matter if they drive or not. This driver contacted Uber right after his breakdown and shared his sensitive situation. Their only solution was for this driver to finance and/or lease a vehicle. Horrible response!

Driving for Uber is not a job. The moment your car breaks down, you can't work. It is unlike tax drivers who have immediate access to a wide range of taxis and cabs. Who has the competitive advantage? It's not Uber.