Friday, April 17, 2015

Rideshare to support your car repairs

We hear, too often, especially in advertisements, that ridesharing services will support families. The truth is that ridesharing earnings are mostly used to support car repairs. With the city of San Francisco slowly repairing all their terrible city roads, the probability that you'll bust your ride up is extremely high.

Ridesharing is brutal on personal vehicles. Do you really want to ruin your car to make chump change? Go right ahead! Do it! Later on, you will require major repairs, ongoing maintenance, high gas cost, and much more. There won't be any profits to enjoy.

You have to be a smart ridesharing driver. Don't get stuck believing in these deceptive games about ridesharing giving you flexibility and making you great money. Intelligent drivers will use cognitive perception to actually calculate their real earnings. Look beyond trip fares shown after completed rides. This gross cost is before commission, airport fees and toll bridge cost.

Most of all, ridesharing services must be performed sparingly rather than daily. Don't overdo ridesharing, unless your vehicle is in tip-top condition and can handle rigorous driving up and down bad roads. San Francisco streets are some of the worst in California.

You can expect to bust out shocks driving over several sewage drains, or blow-out tires hitting deep potholes. Brakes will wear out going down steep hills near downtown San Francisco and in Pacific Heights. You'll get poor gas mileage performing in-city trips. However, airport trips will increase productivity since you're covering more miles in a faster time and incur per minute charges, simultaneously.

Don't accept for one minute, that ridesharing will net you great income and help you support your family. If you pay close attention to your real earnings, then you'll figure out there are large expenses to factor into the equation. Because there are constant expenses, you may rideshare to pay car repairs and gas instead of supporting your family and yourself.

Don't let the truth discourage you. Maybe you can overcome car repairs and high gas expenses to make ridesharing worthwhile. Keep in mind, the odds are against you to make money. You must become a smart ridesharing driver who utilizes strategy to make good income. Develop a system that works best for you and go with it.

Rideshare on!