Friday, April 17, 2015

Request rides away from freeways

Breakdown on the freeway? Get into an accident on a freeway and need a ride back home? Request ridesharing services to give you a lift, but do so responsibly. Text message or call the driver to inform them of this special request.

Better yet, safely walk to the closest exit and/or entrance and request this ride from a side street. It is better to request rides away from freeways. Doing this may improve overall safety.

There are clients/riders/passengers who drop pins in the Bay, on freeways, and in areas many miles away from their current pickup address. These riders never inform the driver of their location.

It is up to the driver to make contact, such as waiting on a text message after sending one out and calling 5 minutes after a text, and then determine whether to cancel this ride if no contact is made.

Riders can show respect by requesting rides away from freeways. Ridesharing drivers may miss this rider and must exit and go back around to retrieve this client.

Use caution to protect all parties involved, because ultimately we want a safe ridesharing system. Time and safety are important factors to consider in ride requests.

Stay safe and ride on!