Saturday, April 11, 2015

Please Ridesharing Drivers, Watch Out!

A ridesharing driver reported to us that he waited until the weekend to deliver rides. On the way to work last night, this ridesharing driver's car gave out. His awesome luxury car is now inoperable, where expensive repairs are definitely going to halt his weekend and future ridesharing weeks.

A few belts broke. Overheated. Loss of power. Stranded. Paid for tow truck. Car is out of commission, indefinitely. Last year, a rider broke his passenger door. It cost this driver $1000 to repair this door and lock. Vomiting riders resulted in expensive interior cleaning services.

Sewage drains in large cities destroyed the shocks and broke his suspension. Constant driving ruined his cooling system. Steep hills ruined the braking system. Bad city roads eat up the tires. Excessive city driving increases oil change intervals, thus costing drivers additional expenses. The dirty laundry list, known as ridesharing, will sure to come back and haunt. If you continue on and remain oblivious to the real facts, you are asking for a world of hurt.

This driver endured much more to keep operable. He allowed his entire life to get out of control.

Ridesharing is not worth the risk.

Why is all this happening? Because ridesharing is not intended to replace a traditional job. How can a personal vehicle survive intense driving? Deep potholes? Terrible roads? Hauling thousands of passengers per year? We're telling you right now that taxis are winning the transportation game.

Taxi drivers continue to dominate. The transportation dinosaurs can sustain any unexpected events. However,  new age ridesharing drivers are dependent on their personal vehicles. The moment their vehicle breaks down, they are done! These drivers have no backup plan. No unauthorized vehicle is permitted to operate on any ridesharing platforms.

This loyal ridesharing driver quickly discovered that all the memorable rides he gave mean nothing to his financial situation. His driving job is on hold, indefinitely.

Be careful ridesharing drivers. Ridesharing companies blind you, tricking you into believing that you can work whenever you want. The truth is that your future relies on your personal vehicle. If you destroy this ride, which you should never do, you lose everything.

Expensive car repairs are inevitable. If you refuse to accept this advice, good luck. At moment's notice, you may get stranded with or without passengers. This can occur on a bridge, on a busy freeway, in the fast lane, slow lane, in a dangerous neighborhood and other places.

Rideshare at your own risk. Don't wait until the weekend to give rides. Never plan to give rides. Just give rides and make as much money as you can. Know the real income is calculated after commission, fees, car repairs, maintenance, snacks and beverages, gas (largest cost), and taxes. The real value of ridesharing is far less than minimum wage.

You don't want to get us started on how much money you will lose on ridesharing. How many relationships are ruined from one person thinking they can build a life on ridesharing?

Ridesharing companies are valued at millions and billions from people like you making them relevant. These rideshare apps invest nothing into your personal vehicles. Their high expectations for you to give rides at peak times will ultimately destroy your car.

The ridesharing driver who is now without a personal vehicle will suffer financially. He won't even be able to afford the weekly data plan. Besides the dozen bad things which plagued this driver, this is by far the worst chapter. Why did this happen? The driver couldn't find a job with their valuable education and experience. Therefore, this driver continued to rideshare while searching for reliable work.

Ridesharing is not a job. Understand that. You will lose in the long run. Never use a personal vehicle you love. This vehicle will give out before you pay it off. Your personal vehicle, health and finances are surely to collide and send you spiraling downward.

Don't believe us? You'll find out soon enough. Maybe not now, but eventually. This ridesharing driver is in a horrible position. He allowed ridesharing to ruin his personal life and finances. Thousands in repairs, thousands in gas, thousands in toll bridges, thousands in commissions, thousands in safe ride fees, and other expenses wipe out ridesharing earnings. You will lose!

No matter what you hear and/or think, taxis will continue to thrive in this transportation game. Tradition will never lose luster. People need rides, not constant social interaction.

Stay alert. Plan ahead. Still want to rideshare? Get at least two vehicles and get these approved. In case one car fails, you have another approved ride to keep moving forward. Keep up with the maintenance, make timely repairs to prevent serious problems. With ridesharing, there comes major decisions. The real winners are ridesharing companies, not you.

Good luck!