Saturday, April 04, 2015

Clients cursing a storm in UberPool

Clients overlook the fact that strangers are riding along with them. They forgot to filter out their dirty mouths, which is rather common among at least 20 percent of all ridesharing riders.

UberX drivers shared that in an UberPool ride, the first client and his co-rider were picked up first. Once the UberPool moved to the second rider, the first client got too comfortable and said the "F" way too many times. Every other word was basically the "F" word.

It was like a person using 'very' or 'hella' to emphasize a noun. We kid you not, clients/riders/passengers have no filters whatsoever. We're surprised the Orbit lady never visited any of these carpool rides to clean out their dirty mouths.

The next time you take an UberPool, try your best to not overuse the "F" word. Some drivers don't penalize their riders for cursing, but other riders may get uncomfortable and blame Uber drivers.

Happy Easter! UberPool on!