Monday, April 13, 2015

Booklight saves an Uber driver after major breakdown

Ridesharing is not as fun as ridesharing companies make this job out to be. It can become a dangerous job, especially if your vehicle breaks down on the freeway. Extreme power failure will cut all electrical activity to emergency flashers, headlight and back lights. Speeding cars and trucks may swerve into the shoulder and destroy your vehicle.

This past weekend, an Uber driver missed an entire weekend of driving after his engine belts snapped. His vehicle lost all power, possibly sending a heavy surge into the electrical system to blow out all bulbs. Freeway drivers kept driving near this shoulder lane to endanger this Uber driver.

Fortunately, this Uber driver kept a bright book light on his possession to create light to warn other motorists. They kept honking like ignorant fools, but eluded to think that this broken down vehicle didn't have any power to keep the flashers continuously on.

The Uber driver positioned the book light toward the back of the car. He aimed the bright light to the ground to prevent blinding oncoming traffic. This light probably saved the ridesharing vehicle and his life. Unfortunately, this ridesharing vehicle is inoperable and will cost the Uber driver thousands in lost earnings.

Ridesharing is not a real job. Don't believe in the deception that you can make a career out of ridesharing. If your car breaks down, you can't drive. As a result,

We recommend that you consider purchasing flares to warn motorists. If in fact your vehicle somehow undergoes a power system failure, you will be a sitting duck on a dangerous freeway. Most people don't care about your safety and well-being. You must protect yourself.

Keep flashlights, flares, and fluorescent night sticks on your possession. These lights can make a big difference whether your personal vehicle survives and/or is completely destroyed in a major collision.

Don't take any chances with your rider's and your life. It only takes one mistake to end it all. Talk to an approved specialist about road flares and how to use them in emergency situations.

Stay safe!