Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What Uber said after a trip ended with a broken suspension

Uber is a ridesharing app that is valued at $20 billion. An Uber driver transported thousands of clients in their luxury vehicle, a ride far above UberX. Unfavorable road conditions damaged their vehicle.

On this past Thursday, San Francisco roads damaged the back suspension. Unfortunately, a trip deep into the East Bay mountains - on the worst roads possible - destroyed the air shocks. As a result, this Uber driver ended their night and required extensive repairs. It will cost the driver $500 to make this repair.

Uber replied back to this driver, telling them they are sorry about this. They thank the driver for being professional and surviving the challenges of ridesharing to give clients the best service possible. It is in Uber's interest this driver is able to handle the rigorous demands of ridesharing.

Uber only offers this driver moral support. There is no help beyond that. Uber drivers, be careful out there. If you know a ride is going up a dangerous, steep, bad road, make a decision to avoid this ride. Uber doesn't share a destination, so drivers have no clue where the ride will take them until they hit the slide to start a trip.

As shown in Uber's feedback, they don't really care if you break your vehicle. In the end, you will lose out and struggle to make a living, especially if you choose Uber as your primary job. As responsible drivers, you will make sure your personal vehicle is safe and in good working condition.

As we all know, ridesharing companies make a huge profit for driving handling all repairs, maintenance, services, and gas expenses. These drivers will deteriorate their vehicles, destroying every working component from excessive wear and tear. For the most part, ridesharing companies could care less about your expenses. If you have to spend all your earnings on major repairs, even when a client breaks your something or vomits, it will come out of your pocket.

Vomit cleaning reimbursement is an embarrassment on Uber's platform. Clean yourself and lose 3 hours, endure nasty smell and chunks, and only get $30-$60. Wait and don't clean vomit, lose out the entire weekend, pay out-of-pocket, and must wait almost 2 weeks to receive direct cost.

Please drovers, watch out. Don't fall into a major hole. Protect your vehicles. Good luck!