Monday, March 30, 2015

UberPool issue: Exceeding rider maximum

An UberX driver reported that a new Uber client requested his first ride with UberPool. He brought along 2 additional riders in this UberPool, which this driver accommodated him to show professionalism and be courteous.

The problem with this first time rider exceeding UberPool maximum seating requirements is that this driver was influenced to ignore all second rider requests. There is no way the Uber driver could take a risk with accepting a second rider who may bring along a co-rider. Ignoring second rider requests could affect the driver's overall and weekly ride acceptance percentage.

Over-seating UberPool rides will impact driver decision making to accept second riders. This is the main reason why Uber sets UberPool seating capacity at one client and one co-rider per ride request. First and second clients may only bring one rider, totaling four total riders.

New and existing clients use the common "new to UberPool" excuse to exceed seating requirements. Furthermore, UberPool clients make drivers wait 5-10 minutes.

According to UberPool policy, an UberPool rider has 2 minutes to appear or their ride can be cancelled. But of course, this is at the driver's discretion to keep the carpooling moving forward.

Be respectful of UberPool clients waiting for this carpool ride. The longer the second rider waits, the greater the chance they will cancel this trip within 5 minutes and re-request another UberPool.

Rider maximums are mandatory to keep UberPool in motion. Don't bring along no more than one additional rider to join an UberPool trip. Be fair and care for the next client. We're sure you want that same respect returned to you, as well.

UberPool on!