Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The wastelands of Ridesharing: Lyft

Lyft is an unethical, loser a** company. This ridesharing company is known to deactivate drivers without proper warning. If drivers fall below star ratings, receive negative passenger complaints, and/or engage in debates about Lyft in the Driver Lounge, then their driver accounts are immediately deactivated.

All that matters to Lyft is their drivers sporting a high star rating to keep the ride community happy. If drivers fall below 4.60, they are deactivated moments later. In 2012-2014, Lyft deactivated drivers who dropped below 4.80, closing these driver accounts and blocking all attempts to mediate a fair outcome. However, Lyft lowered the minimum driver rating to 4.60 to accommodate borderline drivers. On Uber, 4.80 is actually a good star rating and will command respect from this elite ride app company.

The piece of crap Pink mustache company has the nerve to treat their hard-working drivers like dirt. Lyft is the wastelands of ridesharing. Drive with this rideshare company at your own risk. They don't identify you as a Lyft driver. You're not even acknowledged as an independent contractor.

According to a Lyft driver manager, Lyft drivers have no affiliation with Lyft. He goes on to say that Lyft drivers are not viewed as independent contractors, members and/or employees. This is good for you to know, basically supporting the reason why Lyft deactivates so many good drivers.

Lyft drivers should know that at any time, their driver accounts could be deactivated at the discretion of Lyft Performance Review. There is no way drivers can argue their way into driving for Lyft again. It won't happen. Face the music and move on.

Lyft enjoys crapping on their drivers. They will treat their top drivers like gold. Once these drivers receive poor ratings from uninformed passengers, Lyft will do a 180 degree turn and smear sh** in their faces. In short time, your time at Lyft is a distant memory.

Know ahead of time to use Lyft as a ridesharing driver training program. Make all your mistakes at Lyft. If you drive down a 1-way road, do this at Lyft. Talk too much? Keep talking to antisocial riders at Lyft. Drive drunken losers on Lyft? Transport these messy, sloppy, belligerent drunks on Lyft. Clean vomit mess at Lyft. Learn how to clean vomit in less than 2 hours and return back to driving. Sadly, your vehicle will never be the same once vomit soaks into your interior. Lyft is nothing more than ridesharing basic training to handle the rigorous demands of ridesharing services.

This garbage dump, known as Lyft, is a ridesharing company that uses their drivers at all costs. If drivers are unlucky enough to receive poor ratings from clueless passengers, they will eventually get deactivated. It is inevitable to lose your driving privileges with Lyft.

The wastelands of ridesharing is Lyft. If you reached this article, then you know Lyft has sh**ted on you. You can share the truth about Lyft and their poor rating system all you want. It won't influence prospective drivers to become Lyft drivers. Lyft sugarcoats online ads and radio commercials to trick drivers into believing that ridesharing is profitable.

At first ridesharing is decent, but once commission increases and trip prices decrease, Lyft drivers will see the truth. Car repairs, maintenance cost, gas, snacks, vomit mess, vehicle wear and tear, and other drawbacks make driving with Lyft below a minimum wage job.

Go ahead and drive for a classless ridesharing company. They won't lose sleep terminating your driver account. Challenge them all you want, you will never reverse their decision. In the end, you'll lose your car, apartment/home, and go bankrupt. For every deactivated driver, there are probably ten drivers waiting to get activated to drive with Lyft.

If you believe in Lyft's deceptive marketing, your future is on the cusp of sinking into quicksand. You won't learn the truth about this ridesharing company until your driver account is terminated. Do you enjoying getting fired and feeling low? Lyft is the perfect company to make you feel down. Self-pity may enter your life after Lyft gives you the boot. "Don't let the door hit you on the way out" is Lyft's way of saying thanks for your slave work.

The wastelands of ridesharing manage to keep busy. Nevertheless, Lyft are professional liars who understand how to bend the truth, so drivers like you make them relevant. Treat every passenger, good or bad, the best you can. Go above and beyond to spoil riders. Never give way to rude passengers. They're the filthy grime that pollutes the ridesharing industry.

If you're considered to become a Lyft driver, why take Lyft's crap? Because this flawed star rating system empowers their passengers to rate you low, submit poor feedback and deactivate you.

Allow 10 passengers to pile in your vehicle. Let Lyft passengers drink open containers of alcohol. Don't stop Lyft passengers from smoking a bowl and snorting white dust in your vehicle. If you do the noble thing, your passenger will submit poor feedback, rate you low and Lyft won't change it.

Good luck lyfting with the scum of ridesharing!