Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Unfortunate Rideshare Case

An UberX driver completed many rides this week. His primary goal was to drive himself out of serious debt in one week. However, poor San Francisco roads (sewage drains, potholes, and bad road conditions) may have ended this effort. This setback represents the unpredictable world of ridesharing. Ridesharing drivers never know when an unforeseen event will ground them.

Ridesharing driving is a risky job. Our best advice is to get on the road as much as possible, especially while everything is going smooth. If drivers wait to complete rides on the weekend, then excessive wear and tear may catch up to them. For the most part, ridesharing services will destroy their personal vehicles to earn pennies on a dollar. 

Brakes, tires, shocks, struts, suspension, oil, axles, CV joints, engine, cooling system and many other car troubles can/will occur if you perform ridesharing services. The moment any unexpected car repairs are required, this will set ridesharing drivers back and may cause their future demise. 

This ridesharing driver may damaged their suspension working in San Francisco. It took driving over several deep sewage drains at the intersection of Market Street and near Mission and South Van Ness to damage this back suspension. The city needs to work on deteriorating roads on the busiest streets. 

Nevertheless, San Francisco is a city with horrible roads. In a way, we can thank taxi drivers for their non-stop driving, throughout the day and night. They contributed to the destruction of San Francisco streets. These whiners (taxi drivers and taxi companies) have the nerve to point fingers at ridesharing companies. These rude and inconsiderate taxi drivers deteriorate the transportation industry. 

Many ridesharing passengers hate taxi drivers with a passion. They refuse to use taxi services because taxi drivers treat them like crap. They harass female riders, refuse to drive city residents to outer districts, decline credit cards in favor of cash, and allow their taxis to smell like hole-in-the-wall restaurants. 

Are we supposed to feel sorry for rude taxi drivers who once made an excellent living transporting people?  These reckless drivers run red lights and stop signs, honk at motorists like demons, and speed on San Francisco city streets. They are dangerous, unprofessional drivers with no personalities and terrible customer service skills. 

Lucky for taxi drivers they don't have to destroy their personal vehicles driving passengers. Road debris such as chairs, sofas, wooden beams, bikes, poor Bay Area roads, and other road hazards put ridesharing drivers at risk of damaging their vehicles. When ridesharing drivers collide with road debris, they are out of commission. This is the truth about ridesharing services. 

As a matter of fact, high commission cut into ridesharing driver earnings. Drivers are earning less working more. We see many drivers awaiting impending doom. Don't throw all your eggs into one basket. Plan for the worst. Keep ahead. Save up money to make car repairs. Be ready for that day, the moment an axle breaks, a suspension goes out, and/or engine failure occurs. Personal vehicles are not designed to handle driving people hundreds of thousands of miles on crappy city streets. 

Pick your poison. If you depend on ridesharing services to survive, you will meet a dark fate. Get a real job, but use ridesharing as a secondary income. Watch out making huge vehicle purchases. An unexpected account deactivation will sink you fast. Lyft is one ridesharing company who will deactivate driver accounts and turn their backs on these former drivers. You have been warned!