Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The unappealing airport rides from local cities

Ridesharing drivers are led to believe all airport trips are profitable. They are not! Local SFO airport trips originating from surrounding cities are unappealing. A South San Francisco to SFO trip may deliver $10 for drivers. Apartments located near famous Candlestick Park landmark make drivers $9-$11. Hotels such as Marriott's Residence Inn and Marriott's Courtyard near Brisbane are too close to make drivers lucrative fares. Airport trips are not always profitable and worthwhile.

Time plus distance equals good fares. Nonetheless, ridesharing drivers must remain in motion to increase earnings. Evening rush hour traffic will influence earnings. Night driving is probably the best time to get on the road, though constantly choosing such shifts will take a toll on relationships.

Nearby cities surrounding SFO won't produce a good fare. For example, South San Francisco to SFO trips cost drivers $3.85 for SFO tolls, $1 for safe ride and 20% commission. What is remaining for drivers is a measly $10. Ridesharing drivers are better off taking trips outside of the city rather than making multiple trips to SFO. As a result of close SFO trips, drivers are left with $6-$10 fares.

Tired of getting small SFO fares? Investing time and hard work into these unappealing fares? Take a risk to leave the area, positioning yourself further out in case there are longer airport rides and/or 30-90 minute rides. You'll make money taking longer fares. It is all about moving, so avoid times where traffic is stalling out your earnings.

Make ridesharing a profitable business. As an independent contractor, you control your success. Nobody is breathing down your back and telling you how to make money. Develop reliable business strategies to increase your earning potential. Nearby SFO trips won't make you money. They will cut into your valuable time and decrease your earnings.

Providing professional driving services make your ridesharing company look good. However, earning $10-$13 an hour without calculating gas, wear and tear, mileage and other expenses will push you off the road. In order to remain competitive, you must balance great service with strategies.

Get into the surge zones, so short trips make you a bundle. Position yourself in the red zones where riders may take rides from distant areas to the start line of running races. Know the city. Educate yourself on the best times to drive. Treat ridesharing as a business. At the end of the day, you set the standards to make money and become sustainable or lose out and quit driving.

Unappealing SFO rides are those originating too close and that require $3.85 toll per trip. Make driving count. Do what earns you the best fares. If you don't make money, you will give up. Focus on trip earnings after all fees are deducted, not on the face value per trip end.

Good luck!