Monday, March 09, 2015

Somebody has to lose for Lyft to gain

You probably heard this by now; Lyft deactivates all drivers who they deem unfit for their ridesharing company. In such, Lyft drivers have no affiliation with the Pink mustache company.

It's really pathetic for Lyft to skirt around this connection, telling their drivers they are just a software user and that's it. Moreover, no riders are identified as Lyft customers. This is coming from Lyft employees, quoted by them and repeated as far back as 2013.

Who the Hell enacts such policies to follow? Lyft. Who collects all payments from riders? Lyft. Who submits weekly direct deposits minus commission to drivers? Lyft. What trade dress do drivers ride along with to perform ridesharing services? Lyft. Who conducts background checks on drivers? Lyft. Who do drivers contact when they are experiencing issues on the road? Lyft. Who invites all newly approved drivers to an orientation? Lyft. 

Seems like Lyft is an employer to me. Otherwise, why follow Lyft policies. Like in any workplace, unfit employees are terminated. However, terminated employees have rights. They can apply for unemployment benefits. When Lyft drivers are unfairly deactivated, these people suffer.

Somebody has to lose for Lyft to gain. Interview former deactivated Lyft drivers; they all have a sad story to tell about their deactivation. There are some who actually suffered long after this unexpected deactivation. Their credit took a dump on them. Their bills went unpaid. Their cars were repossessed. Why did this happen to former Lyft drivers? 

Lyft brainwashed these Lyft drivers. They told them lies to invest in driving. These drivers performed the best ridesharing services they could under pressure. This pressure comes from Lyft, a negligent rideshare who refused to educate passengers that submitting "1" star scores for missing a turn, talking too much, and other minor issues could in fact deactivate driver accounts. It is a two-way road. Unfortunately, drivers deserve to know who rated them a "1" star and submitted poor feedback to harm them. The adverse impact of poor star ratings/feedback result in driver terminations. 

Lyft should create filters to block out drivers/passengers; therefore, neither party could connect again. All "1" star ratings should require mediation to compare feedback. We know how passengers enjoy telling white lies and fables to get free rides and/or discounts. We're familiar with double standards that reward passengers and terminate drivers. Passengers are the only eyes Lyft has on the road. These are the most biased eyes, courtesy of terrible passengers trying to ruin lives. 

Do you know that there are many terrible passengers out there? They belittle drivers. Tell drivers to shut up. Disregard a driver's courteous request to use vomit bags. Verbally explode on drivers. Make drivers wait 20-30 minutes at pickup addresses. The list goes on and on. Keep in mind, this is an abusive list that sh**s on Lyft drivers. 

Lyft drivers lose out big. They invest their valuable time and resources into lyfting around. When Lyft deems these drivers are unfit based on biased ratings and feedback submitted by bad passengers, these Lyft drivers are immediately deactivated/terminated and no longer can be considered to drive with Lyft. 

What makes this silly is that drivers are not affiliated with Lyft. They pay taxes and commission for earning money as a Lyft driver. Nonetheless, these drivers are viewed as app users. Lyft drivers have no identity; they are only private parties providing a ride service using a software designed by Lyft. 

Something has to change here. This does not make any sense. Lyft can use their drivers and fire them without having to answer to any higher authority. If employers are given this much power to abuse it, they will. Lyft has an upper hand on all regulatory bodies. No regulation translates into deactivation. 

Beat up your personal vehicles. Deal with tough/rude passengers. Make Lyft into a billion dollar transportation company. In the end, you get terminated and thanked by an email. This is BS! 

The Devils of transportation sure model that cold persona. Why care about your drivers? They are not employees. They are told what to do. They have no value. They are terminated based on a terribly flawed rating system that empower many bad, drunk, obnoxious, antisocial, and unruly passengers to have a hand in ruining good lives. 

Listen up CPUC and other transportation regulatory bodies across America. Keep a close eye on Lyft. Don't allow Lyft to keep terminating drivers with allowing mediation. It is unethical. Lyft drivers should have rights because they earn money for Lyft. 

Drivers are losing this ridesharing game. Please, give these drivers protection to operate on a level playing field. These drivers deserve better than this poor treatment. Monitor this ridesharing company.