Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sidecar© Deliveries is moving things fast

Sidecar© Deliveries is moving things faster than most popular mail carriers. Need a package mailed across town? Documents transported securely to a nearby town? Need quick, convenient mail service? Dry cleaning delivered? Electronics dropped off? Sidecar is expanding their ridesharing services into the mail spectrum. Get packages delivered in-real time, the same day.

Last week, a driver noticed a Sidecar carrying multiple items in San Francisco. This Sidecar had electronics in the backseat, fresh pressed shirts, and other items riding upfront. Sidecar is intelligent for using their ridesharing technology to become an active player in the delivery space.

Do you know that Sidecar is expanding their delivery service nationwide? Small and large businesses can utilize Sidecar© Deliveries to request pickups and transport such items across cities and into neighboring areas. It is all about real-time status and same-day deliveries.

Try Sidecar© Deliveries today, a same-day delivery service available right now.

Interested in becoming a Sidecar driver to take advantage of Sidecar© Deliveries? Drive people, transfer goods; that's what Sidecar is all about. Visit here and input code qjbxk to apply with Sidecar. Get a $100 bonus after 10th trip.