Wednesday, March 04, 2015

No driver reactivations on Lyft

Deactivated Lyft drivers want to know if their Lyft driver accounts can be reactivated. No, these deactivated driver accounts won't get reactivated. Lyft has no integrity. They don't listen to drivers experiencing challenges with low ratings for transporting low-rated and drunken Lyft passengers.

If Lyft drivers perform ridesharing services during high risk hours, such as on weekend nights, they will move quickly toward deactivation. However, the worst ratings may come from transporting weekday workers. Why? Because these workers usually request a Lyft later and expect drivers to drive like Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in those Fast and Furious movies to reach their workplace on-time.  

Lyft drivers are expected to do whatever it takes to make sure all passengers are happy. This ridesharing company acts as if they don't know their passengers sneak open containers of alcohol in rides. To be truthfully honest, all ridesharing companies have violating clients/passengers/riders. It is a problem met with intense scrutiny. Drivers are silenced with the star rating system. 

Ridesharing drivers who give rides on Lyft are at high risk of deactivation. If this shall occur, you will never be considered to drive for Lyft ever again. Unless you legally change your name or your identity, Lyft will have your driver account on file to deny you. 

Try to re-apply on Lyft right now. You will receive the following warning: 

In our opinion, our best advice is for you to maintain driver accounts on all the major ridesharing platforms. If you get deactivated on Lyft and have no plan B & C, you will suffer financially. Lyft doesn't care if you can't pay your bills. There are no employment policies set in place to protect you as employees because you are not affiliated with Lyft in any way. 

Lyft makes this crystal clear that drivers and passengers have no connection with them except as people who use their ridesharing software. A Lyft driver manager shared this statement that Lyft drivers are not even independent contractors working with Lyft. 

Why would deactivated drivers believe Lyft would reactivate their accounts. It won't happen. If it does, it will be the first time we heard this happen. It is a poor policy and bad business practices to deactivate drivers without giving them a second chance and/or probation to improve their scores. We don't consider the Community Review flagging system reliable. This computer system will flag any driver accounts that fall below the minimum star rating requirements. 

Keep in mind that Lyft drivers are not employees at Lyft. You're not even independent contractors. You took a risk to go all-in with Lyft without having a backup plan. Make a backup plan. Don't wait until Lyft deactivates you, stay ahead of the ridesharing game to protect yourself. 

In our personal opinion, threatening Lyft with legal action is not worth your time and money. Employment laws are different in every state, so ask your attorney for legal advice on this deactivation matter. If you do fight, maybe a class action against Lyft will compensate former drivers. It is up to you, as a deactivated driver, to prove that Lyft unfairly terminated you.

Deactivated drivers are viewed as fired/terminated from Lyft. It can happen at any time, when least expected. If may happen the day after you purchase a new car to expand your ridesharing earnings. Don't fall into this trap, believing that you will remain a part of Lyft for the long haul. Good drivers get deactivated all the time for star ratings. These are drivers who never got into arguments, never denied riders, acted professional, represented Lyft honestly, never gamed the system and provided safe, convenient and reliable ridesharing services to all passengers. Lyft somehow forgets that drivers make them who they are right now. Without these drivers, they are nothing but a heap of cow dung. 

Deactivated Lyft drivers won't be reconsidered to drive with Lyft. Their poor business practices will trigger bad word-of-mouth, eventually reducing ridership, decreasing driver applications and influencing local policies in new cities to reject them. Right now, Lyft doesn't care about deactivated drivers. You are the fallen soldiers left behind to survive on your own. Do you know that Lyft deactivates Military Veterans? Unfortunately, Lyft does disrespect Military Veterans. Fortunately, Uber is recruiting thousands of Veterans and Veterans deactivated from Lyft. Now, we can see who has all the class. Move on without Lyft. 

In the future, employment laws may be revised to protect ridesharing drivers such as you. Therefore, ridesharing companies like Lyft can't terminate you without having a good reason. For the most part, star ratings will lose their luster and policy changes can save prospective and existing Lyft drivers from untimely deactivations. 

Thousands of Lyft drivers are held hostage to Lyft's flawed rating system. Hundreds of Lyft drivers face deactivation on their first weekend, first week, first month, and first year of driving, whenever Lyft chooses to terminate driver accounts without proper warning. Hundreds of unfortunate Lyft drivers have been deactivated, questioning these poor policies that allow them to get terminated for providing good customer service. It is the way of Lyft to protect their ride image with putting high-rated drivers on the road, even if these drivers don't measure up to what constitutes an ideal driver. 

This fabricated system misleads the ridesharing community. These 4.90 drivers may be wolves in sheep's clothing, high risk drivers who can snap at rude drunk riders and/or bad passengers who threaten them with violence. Borderline 4.60 drivers may have received poor scores from these exact riders, as mentioned above, and must carefully walk on knives to avoid deactivation. It is painful for drivers with financial problems to worry whether Lyft will deactivate their driver accounts. 

All it takes is for a few irresponsible riders to submit false feedback and submit low star ratings. Your time at Lyft will be over as fast as a blazing meteorite falling into the night sky. 

No, deactivated Lyft drivers can't reapply to drive with Lyft again. But in time, this company policy may change and you can get back on the road with the jilters. Any former driver who rejoins Lyft lacks any respect for their self-worth. Why would a driver risk going through the same situation twice? It is like giving a cheater multiple chances to redeem their value. The jilters of ridesharing deserve no respect, nor should they continue to operate with such poor business practices.

A time will come when Lyft will face the music. They will answer for deactivating their former drivers without these people giving poor service. It is all about star ratings and feedback. Lyft can't watch what you do at all times; however, they do send employees out from Marketing and Performance Review to inconspicuously measure your performance without giving out their identity. Lyft relies on faulty star ratings and feedback to make deactivation decisions. It doesn't matter if you go above and beyond to please your riders, your true value depends on star ratings and good feedback.  

The moment you dip below the minimum score, have received two previous Community Review flags, and four flags (Cleanliness, Safety, Navigation and Friendlessness) been activated, you will strike out. Baseball players don't get another shot to reach base after a third strike, well unless the catcher loses grip of the ball and the player reaches first base safely. At Lyft, you won't get as lucky. 

Maintain your star ratings and try your best to spoil ever rider. Don't talk too much, if riders show no interest and continue to give you the cold shoulder. Know how to measure/gauge riders. Treat all riders equally, no matter if they are obviously a crack and heroin addict from the Tenderloin District, or a rude obnoxious and/or drunk rider barking orders at you. Give all riders the benefit of the doubt. If they refuse vomit bags, and then vomit in your ride, report these passengers right away. 

No driver reactivations occur on the Lyft platform. Got deactivated? Sorry to hear that. Join Uber here and get a new driver bonus for having previous ridesharing experience before January 8, 2015. Gain from your deactivation; help current Lyft drivers to avoid your fate. Signup to become a Sidecar driver and get $100 after completing 10 rides. Visit here and use code qjbxk to activate this $100 driver bonus. Just know that these are good alternatives to succeed after Lyft driver deactivations. 

Share your real Lyft stories to spread the truth. Don't let Lyft get you down. Keep your head up and know you have value.