Sunday, March 01, 2015

Make $35 an hour as a Sidecar driver

Sidecar is making big moves to give Sidecar drivers access to lucrative earnings. This ridesharing company is expanding fast, showing ridesharing players they can compete directly with them.

Sidecar is making it known that Sidecar drivers can make $35 an hour on their platform. As Uber sends viral ads on UberX driver earning $30 an hour, this total does not include commission. On Sidecar, weekend promotions can/will make Sidecar drivers $35 an hour and more.

Sidecar launched Sidecar© Deliveries to increase access to same-day deliveries. As you may know, Sidecar is currently available in San Francisco, Bay Area cities, Los Angeles County cities, Long Beach, San Diego County cities, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Charlotte, N.C., and Washington D.C. If your business operates within these cities, you can experiment with Sidecar© Deliveries.

Sidecar drivers have access to carpool services (Shared Rides), Sidecar© Deliveries and traditional Sidecar rides. Their state-of-the-art rideshare app is one of the best among ridesharing competitors.

In San Francisco, Sidecar drivers who are active during prime hours can earn $35+ an hour. Nevertheless, Sidecar drivers are encouraged to set ride multipliers. No other ridesharing platform gives their drivers freedom to set prices.

On Sidecar, drivers can block problem riders and set filters to stay within a specific region. With these filters activated, drivers will only pick up riders with trip minimums of at least the set amount. Drivers can activate Back-to-Back rides so riders can secure them before a current trip is in progress. Moreover, drivers can receive tips from riders via the Sidecar rider app. Sidecar driver app is awesome!

Ready to make Sidecar your next job destination? Sidecar is searching for drivers like you. Drivers don't conform to driving schedules. No shifts required. Drive whenever you want. Work as much as you want. Give rides today, and get paid several days later.

There is no long waiting period to get paid for completing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday trips (8-10 day wait to get paid on Uber and Lyft). Become your own boss. Expand your opportunities. Unlock your earning potential to realize your true value. Use Sidecar to support your dreams.

Visit here to apply to become a Sidecar driver today. Get on the road and have fun making consistent income. Input code qjbxk to activate a new driver bonus of $100 after 10th trip is completed.

First-time riders with Sidecar? Down rideshare app at and input Sidecar promo code qjbxk to receive free $5 ride credit to use right away!

Sidecar on!