Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Lyft changes Trade Dress to small glowing pink mustache

Former Lyft drivers were unlucky to drive around with those goofy Pink mustaches, the silliest trade dress in all of ridesharing. This ridiculous Pink mustache would suffocate the cooling system, causing vehicles to overheat on hot days. It also flapped in the air when vehicles exceeded 40 m.p.h. Nevertheless, Lyft drivers wasted valuable time attaching this trade dress to their car grills.

Those days are now gone for new and existing Lyft drivers. Former Lyft drivers don't give a rat's ass whether a new trade mess is authorized or not. However, new Lyft drivers can enjoy the benefit of getting on the road without having to waste time affixing the former flamingo-looking trade mess on their car grills. 

Everybody knows that Lyft is a silly clown company. Many Lyft passengers shared their refusal to request another ride with Lyft based on poor quality vehicles, inexperienced drivers, long pickup times, inefficient routes, fist-bumps, and that horrible trade dress. 

These Lyft passengers can scratch that oversized trade dress off their list of reasons to avoid using Lyft. It won't fix the bad drivers and poor quality vehicle problem; however, riders will no longer feel embarrassed riding inside a Lyft ride with a large pink mustache. 

A small glowing pink mustache is the new approved Lyft trade dress authorized to be placed on the dashboard. Lyft passengers no longer have to hide their faces. This Pink mustache is now a miniature version of its former self. Congratulations to Lyft for using their brains to improve their trade dress!