Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Keep cleaning supplies handy

How many ridesharing drivers have dealt with vomiting riders? We suspect there are many drivers who transported drunk riders. These drunk riders probably vomited in these personal vehicles. Are ridesharing drivers prepared to handle drunk passengers? 

The best preparation to confront vomiting riders is to keep cleaning supplies available on-demand. Visit the local Dollar Tree and 99 Cents stores to purchase disposable gloves, baking soda, cleaning wipes, antibacterial wipes and other cleaning supplies. It is better to save now than to overspend later.

The cost to purchase cleaning supplies at a Safeway will run you $20. At $1 stores, the total cost won't exceed $10. Make sure to purchase brown sacks to use as vomit bags. 

If you notice any sick siders, offer vomit bags to capture vomit chunks and juices. These drunk riders may act rude at first, but they will thank you later for protecting them from an expensive clean-up fee. 

Stock up on cleaning supplies. Purchase disposable gloves, antibacterial cleaning wipes, baking soda, cleaning wipes, car fresheners and sprays, and other cleaning items. 

Cleaning supplies may salvage a night/day shift lost to careless drunk riders. No drivers choose to wait until after the weekend to schedule professional cleaning services. Clean this vomit fast, limit damage, and get back on the road to make money. 

Obsessing over whether this vomit ruined your interior? Have professional cleaning performed and submit this receipt to your ridesharing company. Maximize this cleaning the best you can, which may restore your personal vehicle back to its pre-vomit condition.  

Happy Ridesharing!