Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Keep car windows clean

Window cleaning brightens up personal vehicle side and back windows, as well as windshields. Grimy windows make ridesharing vehicles appear cheap and dirty. However, glistening windows attract onlookers to ridesharing vehicles and drivers.

For the most part, constant driving dirties up car windows. It is tough to afford car washes, as the cost to rideshare involves making a good first impression with clean vehicle interiors and exteriors - especially windows. Investing $20 per week in car washes can set ridesharing drivers back.

What is the best way to keep windows clean without spending a fortune? Window wipes are useful window cleaning agents to remove dirt/grease left behind by dead bugs and environmental debris.

Purchase glass cleaning wipes below. If you're on a budget, consider visiting a nearby dollar store to purchase a pack of glass wipes. Our recommendation is to go with the best glass cleaning wipes. Give your windows that vibrant shine that your riders will appreciate.

Rideshare on!