Friday, March 06, 2015

Fist-bumping and Oversized Pink Mustache: Passengers are Annoyed

Lyft drivers were coerced into wearing that ridiculous Pink mustache to promote Lyft as a major ridesharing player. According to a few Lyft drivers, driving along with that pink flamingo made lyfting really suck. Fortunately, Lyft revised this oversized trade dress into a smaller replica to calm widespread dissatisfaction among the ridesharing community.

Another Lyft policy expects all drivers and passengers to fist-bump one another. This means fist-bumping at the beginning and at the end of trips. Nevertheless, Lyft makes fist-bumping mandatory for their drivers and this irks former and current Lyft passengers.

Given these policies to follow, both Lyft drivers and passengers were equally embarrassed to ride together with an oversized Pink mustache leading the trip and performing goofy fist-bumps.

Last night, an UberX client from Union City shared that she stopped taking Lyft because of forced fist-bumping and that floppy, oversized Pink mustache. She refuses to use this rideshare ever again, instead she chooses to devote her ridesharing loyalty to Uber only.

We hear many ridesharing riders complaining about Lyft for these two reasons - Pink mustache and fist-bumping. To them, it's all about Uber and nothing else. These passengers won't compromise with their travel plans, so Lyft is thrown out.

There is a consensus among ridesharing users that Lyft is the silliest, most goofiest rideshare out there. Their large Pink mustache trade dress embarrassed quite a few Lyft passengers.

Fortunately, Lyft drivers no longer have to affix that horrible furry Pink mustache on their front car grills. Small illuminated Pink mustaches planted on dashboards and/or attached inside windshields are at least a major improvement over the past trade dress.

Good for Lyft; their drivers and passengers approve of this new Lyft trade dress. Now, all Lyft has to do is get rid of fist-bumps to reduce forced greetings.