Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Contra Costa shares the truth about Lyft

An UberX driver transported an Uber client from their home to work. She was thankful for this driver traveling across two cities to pick her up. She really appreciated Uber. This client had a few words to share about the real Lyft, not the sugarcoating this ridesharing company does on Facebook, Twitter, on the radio.

This Uber driver asked his client whether she has used any of the ridesharing services such as Lyft and Sidecar. She used Sidecar a few times, but doesn't rely on rides outside of San Francisco. There are not enough Sidecar drivers available to service her small city. She would feel morally wrong to request a Sidecar driver to travel very far just to take a 2 mile trip.

This is a great passenger to care for ridesharing drivers in this way.

However, this client shared that Lyft is the most unreliable transportation company. Her biggest complaints are that Lyft takes way too long to make pickups and drivers cancel without any forewarning. She waited as long as 20 minutes for pickups, sometimes these drivers canceled on her after waiting this long for a ride.

Many former Lyft passengers shared this same story that Lyft takes too long, cancel on them, are viewed driving away from passengers, lack communication, take longer routes to increase fares, own poor quality vehicles, drive down 1-way roads, don't know the area, and a bunch of other issues.

This is the real Lyft, the ridesharing company that tries to appear as trendy and dependendable. Lyft is a terrible rideshare company that allows their drivers to block passengers for donating less. They allow their drivers to block out passengers who donated less than 90%, 80%, 70% and less. It is a way to discriminate against low-donating passengers through implementing passenger filters.

Times may have changed since Lyft adopted this passenger blocking feature. It is same old story with Lyft; they deactivate drivers and passengers who have poor ratings. Uber clients with extremely low ratings exist on Uber. Most Uber drivers are fair enough to transport these high risk clients. Nonetheless, low-rated Lyft drivers and passengers are rare on Lyft. They deactivate accounts to protect the ride community against poor drivers and passengers.

The problem with this approach is that star ratings are a poor indicator to measure good drivers and good passengers. This rating system is really that bad. 4.90 drivers and passengers are anything but the ideal driver and passenger, respectively. We heard from former Lyft drivers of really bad passengers sporting high ratings. These drivers feel bad to ruin their score, so they continue to rate 5 stars. On the flip side, poor rated passengers are unfairly rated by their drivers and are viewed as terrible riders. These riders are actually cool people who deserve better respect. We blame Lyft for allowing this biased system to remain intact.

This Uber client shared important issues concerning Lyft. She had bad experiences waiting for Lyft drivers, who by way cancelled on her in the middle of the night when she really needed rides. This is a hard working female, a person who relies on rides to reach her job. She is really nice. Lyft drops the ball on good passengers, allowing their drivers to rate them less. Whereas, drunk riders are rated high and give Lyft drivers a terrible time- even vomiting in rides, harassing them, drinking open containers of alcohol, smoking weed, and other prohibited things.

We nominate Lyft as the worst ridesharing company in the business. Even taxi services will provide a better car service than Lyft. The ride community will protect Lyft at all costs. You'll be fed good reviews on Lyft so this rideshare app can continue to expand and give poor service.

In the distant future, you will have multiple bad experiences with Lyft. This is when you'll open your eyes and learn the truth about Lyft, which their Performance Review Department is to blame for mismanaging driver and passenger accounts. They allow recurring ridesharing services, passenger profiling, driver account deactivations, and untimely cancellations between both drivers and passengers, alike. Lyft is terrible!

Go lyfting at your own risk. Drive with Lyft, if you want amateur ridesharing services.