Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Connecting clients can make UberPool awkward

An UberX driver scooped up an UberPool client at around 7:10 am. This male client seemed cool at first, but his driver soon discovered he was running late to work. Essentially, this male client was losing his patience waiting for a second rider to join. No rider in a hurry to reach work, meetings, conferences, class, and other time sensitive engagements should use UberPool. Dedicate time to UberPool trips, because carpooling is really about meeting new people.

The Uber driver informed his first client that a second rider already connected with their UberPool. Nevertheless, the first client accepted this second connection. Upon arrival, this female client wasn't ready to take the ride just yet.

The male client was getting antsy, knowing it would take time to reach his job and traffic would delay this trip. Most of all, this client started to complain about this second rider joining in. The Uber driver shared that he would cancel if it took another few minutes.

The first connecting male client suggested to his driver to move on without this rider. A few minutes passed; there was no sign of the female client. However, the Uber driver sent a text message to inform his female client her UberPool arrived and is ready. 

Fortunately, this Uber Driver followed the right steps to be fair. Luckily, he noticed his client waiting 20 feet from the corner. This female rider entered the UberPool. The Uber driver greeted this rider and introduced her to the first rider, and vice versa. 

In the UberPool ride, the male client got silent. The female client had a good conservation with her Uber driver. However, this Uber driver realized his male client had no interest in socializing. Since this male client was already running late, his main goal was to reach his job in a reasonable time. 

The female client socialized with her Uber driver the entire trip. There were moments where uncomfortable silence clouded this ride. This Uber driver noticed his first client looking at his phone. You could tell he was one of those timid types. He never said anything to his co-rider after the initial greeting. His Uber driver checked to see if he was doing good. He replied back, "I'm doing fine, thank you." 

Eventually, the Uber driver reached the first client's work at approximately 7:30am, thanked him, and told him to have a great day. The male client thanked him, as well. 

After the first client departed, the Uber driver and female client continued talking. She had time to spare, as her CalTrain was only 5 minutes down the road and departed at 7:45 am. 

UberPool rides are a hit or miss. Clients connect, or disconnect. It really depends on whether clients are running late, or have time to take a longer trip. This Uber driver realized he had to play icebreaker, but his male client didn't have any interest in talking the female client. He probably disliked her for making the UberPool wait 4 minutes. 

When clients cut it too close on time, uncomfortable silence will fill the air. This is the way carpooling works. No two parties are the same. People talk, people go silent. Even so, clients weigh the risk of uncomfortable, awkward silence to save money. 

Saving on rides is the motivating factor to use UberPool. With a $7 flat rate to travel to any address in San Francisco, Uber clients are ready to accept the drawbacks of matching up with such riders.  

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