Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Can clients get charged unfairly?

Ridesharing clients could get unfairly charged using popular ridesharing services. Based on honest mixups and/or deceptive tactics, it is possible to get overcharged and/or wrongly charged after taking rides. Furthermore, drivers who game the system can increase the cost of fares. Are you a client that got charged unfairly for trips?

Systemwide problems involve network issues, driver mistakes and unethical actions. For example, drivers may end rides later than expected, cancel riders as no-shows sooner than later and/or take longer routes to increase their earnings. Drivers who report the wrong vomiting riders could also cause non-offenders to get a cleaning fee. Additionally, network issues can create duplicate charges. It is mostly up to drivers to operate under a moral meter; they must report all trip issues accurately.

Are you a victim of unfair charges? Keep track of your ridesharing usage to make sure all routes and prices are within reason. There are outside factors that influence the cost of trips, such as surge pricing, rush hour traffic, closed roads, and time. No single trip will cost the exact same as the previous one, especially if drivers refuse to take your preferred route.

Do your best to request your driver to accommodate you. If drivers refuse, rate them accordingly. Please don't throw out "1" stars for drivers declining your route. 2-4 stars are more appropriate, well unless this entire trip was one of your worst experiences ever.

Some riders reported getting charged cleaning fees for vomit episodes that never took place. Contact the ridesharing company as soon as possible to request this cleanup fee to be removed promptly. Just for your information, the driver probably made a mistake to report the wrong account. Every trip is identified using a trip ID, which is probably the source of this charge from drivers reporting the wrong rider.

Stay alert on future ridesharing account charges. Notice any unauthorized charges? Higher than expected trip cost? Cancellations for rides never requested? Trip charges out of spite for untimely cancellations? Cleaning fees? Contact rider support to address these charge issues.